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Can You Extend ADA Accommodations?

Raj’s first reaction would be to accept Natasha’s request to extend her leave under ADA. However, he remembered something that Beth De Lima, the founder of LMS, talked about in the last member meeting that he attended. Thankfully someone else in the meeting had a scenario very similar to his!

Beth reminded everyone that you do not want to just extend leaves under the ADA. What Raj will want to do is actually conditionally designate Natasha under the ADA, pending an Interactive Good Faith Meeting and Undue Hardship Analysis. This means resending the conditional designation letter asking the employee to provide medical documentation verifying the expected duration of the additional leave. AND – confirmation the employee is expected to return to work on the new date, rather than a medical evaluation to determine medical progress that may result in a request for additional leave. Natasha is then informed that she will need to verify with her medical provider that the additional designated ADA leave accommodation will result in her returning to work allowing her to perform all the essential functions of her job. In other words, the return-to-work date is considered valid and as accurate as the medical provider can determine.

However, before the Interactive Good Faith meeting, Raj will want to conduct an Undue Hardship Analysis and make sure that Natasha’s second ADA leave from work and performing her essential job functions will not cause an Undue Hardship or is considered an Unreasonable request.

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