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Your Toughest FMLA, ADA, Pregnancy, Baby Bonding & Workers’ Compensation Medical Leaves & ADA Accommodation Questions: ANSWERED

Our FMLA, ADA, PDL, PWFA & Workers'
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Most HR Professionals don’t realize they are in violation of one policy while complying with others.

When it comes to implementing an “Integrated” medical leave and accommodation management process - the key is to create clear, consistent, and compliant FMLA, ADA, Pregnancy Disability, BabyBonding and Workers’ Compensation policies, this is the coaching call you and your staff need to increase your efficiency and effectiveness - so you can avoid unwanted legal fees and litigation.

Our one-hour online/phone group coaching sessions cover the step-by-step procedures and responses to challenging state and federal medical leaves and ADA accommodation situations. Specifically, if they involve related performance management and EEO harassment, discrimination and retaliation complaints for protected employees. 


Join us on the 2nd Wednesday & 4th Tuesday of every
month at 10 am PST via Zoom for only $75/hour, and we'll provide the knowledge and
confidence you need to handle your most complex Medical
Leave/Accommodation question your employees challenge with.

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“We have been working with Beth De Lima since 2011 with our medical leave management issues. We have learned a great deal from her. We now feel better equipped to manage our day-to-day medical absences independently, with their services on speed-dial for the more challenging cases that arise.”

- Suzanne Bentley, General Manager, Mt. Shasta Resort

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“School District Administrative Assistants play so many roles in a small district and the human resources piece is critical to get right. The laws around employee rights in California and in California Education in particular, are land mines creating liability for small school districts who typically don’t have separate Human Resource departments. Leave Management Solutions, and Beth De Lima’s numerous coaching checklists, flow charts, and detailed forms have helped me to carefully implement the laws while allowing me to keep track of what needs to happen and when. I now feel I have resources from Leave Management Solutions that I can use to drive processes of HR instead of being reactive to each issue as it comes up.”

- Susan Strom, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/Human Resources, Mendocino Unified School District


“Ms. De Lima exceeded all of my expectations for our debacle. She was not only able to assist us with avoiding a discrimination lawsuit; she was able to do so with great efficiency and professionalism. In less than 2 weeks from our initial contact, we were able to have our issue resolved satisfactorily for both parties. The process was quiet, quick and smooth. Ms. De Lima was a delight to work with – extremely professional, bright and to the point. If we were to encounter another similar type situation, she would be my first call.”

- Mason Overstreet, Prior Conservation Director, Friends of West Shore