Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™


Many American and Canadian employers alike are aware of the employment law for employees’ rights to time off. However, there’s a wide range of laws that administer workplace leaves for reasons concerning personal or family illness, pregnancy, disability, organ donation, personal emergencies, and more.   Due to outdated tools and human error, inaccurate data is   […]

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The ADA Amendments Act of 2008 changed the ADA’s earlier definition of disability, significantly expanding the opportunities for persons who qualify as disabled. The modifications increased the pressure on employers to provide reasonable adjustments and exposed the possible penalty for businesses that do not strictly adhere to the law. This article offers helpful advice for   […]

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It’s natural and understandable to be hesitant about contacting persons who use wheelchairs, are blind, deaf, or whom we find difficult to comprehend. We can be worried that we’ll say something unsuitable, ask an incorrect question, or accidentally offend someone. But, on the other hand, we don’t want to come out as clueless or insensitive.   […]

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