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Raj’s first reaction would be to accept Natasha’s request to extend her leave under ADA. However, he remembered something that Beth De Lima, the founder of LMS, talked about in the last member meeting that he attended. Thankfully someone else in the meeting had a scenario very similar to his! Beth reminded everyone that you do not […]

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Since this is the first time that both the husband and wife have been working for the same company,  the leave management team goes over the steps one more time together to make sure they are giving both Lynette and Mike the correct steps to follow! Using LMS’ flowcharts, they know that Lynette gets 17 […]

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Answer: Since Gabriella exhausted all of her available FMLA leave during her first pregnancy, she is no longer eligible for additional FMLA leave since it offers 12 weeks of leave in one calendar year. Gabriella will now be eligible for another 17 1/3 weeks of PDL. However, she expects to require leave throughout the length of […]

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