I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate you!
Ruth and I have been interviewing for our LOA Specialist positions and it continues to amaze us at how little these candidates actually know about LOA.  We can understand if they don't know a lot about the ADA process, but when they can't answer basic FMLA questions, it leaves us speechless.

We feel good about our process here at PATH, and we owe most of that to you, so I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do and for being so passionate about this subject.”

Director of Human Resources


“School District Administrative Assistants play so many roles in a small district and the human resources piece is critical to get right. The laws around employee rights in California and California Education, in particular, are land mines creating liability for small school districts who typically don’t have separate Human Resource departments. Beth’s numerous coaching checklists, flow charts, and detailed forms have helped me to carefully implement the laws while allowing me to keep track of what needs to happen and when. I now feel I have resources from Beth that I can use to drive processes of HR instead of being reactive to each issue as it comes up.”

Administrative Assistant

Mendocino Unified School District

I am so impressed with your product and services. The [private members only online] meeting [and call] after the demo was also informative and I was able to see the value of the “live” application of your program to the various scenarios. Beth is extremely knowledgeable about these very complex topics.”

HR Consultant

Next Level Strategies

“Sunsweet started working with Ms. De Lima to clean up our FMLA intermittent leaves. I was not the original person for the task but after much consideration, it was determined that I would take over the medical leave management. I started with a little knowledge regarding medical leaves, but I have worked closely with Beth’s Leave Management Team for approximately 4 -5 months, and now I’m able to manage 20 leaves at any given time with confidence. I have been using their leave letters and forms with little or no knowledge of the FMLA, CFRA, ADA or workers compensation regulations and I was able to master the letters within a few days. I keep them on speed dial to assist with any new case that I am unsure about, and they are quick to help me get things under control immediately. I would highly recommend them to any company needing assistance. They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and timely in all of their work.”

Personnel Scheduler

Sunsweet Growers

“Learned a lot working with Beth. She was super responsive to our organization’s needs, always helpful and extremely easy to work with. I really appreciate that Beth always took the time to listen to our Human Resources team and made sure we were comfortable with all the technical aspects of pro-actively managing our medical leave files. I highly recommend Beth to any organization that wants to implement a structure that will enable them to gain control of their medical leave management processes.”

MBA, Manager, Human Resources

Team Group of Companies

“I love the format of your website. It’s very clean and intuitive. Thank you for your easy to access resources, they have helped me maximize my effectiveness in addressing the ADA and have the confidence I need to terminate employees who fail to engage in the interactive process, as a result of the well-structured notification process you have designed.”

ADA HR Specialist

Kaweah Delta Health Care District

We have been working with Ms. De Lima for almost 20 years in the area of medical leave management and performance management. She is our go-to person for complicated situations. Both myself and our personnel manager have had the opportunity to participate in one of Beth’s three-part Human Resource seminars. I highly recommend the workshop to professionals of all levels who work with personnel issues. It was thorough.

Executive Director


“We have been working with Beth De Lima since 2011 with our medical leave management issues. We have learned a great deal from her. We now feel better equipped to manage our day-to-day medical absences independently, with their services on speed-dial for the more challenging cases that arise.“

General Manager

Mt. Shasta Resort

“Ms. De Lima exceeded all of my expectations for our debacle. She was not only able to assist us with avoiding a discrimination lawsuit; she was able to do so with great efficiency and professionalism. In less than two weeks from our initial contact, we were able to have our issue resolved satisfactorily for both parties. The process was quiet, quick and smooth. Ms. De Lima was a delight to work with – extremely professional, bright and to the point. If we were to encounter another similar type situation, she would be my first call.”

Prior Conservation Director

Friends of West Shore

“As the HR Manager of our company, I have been happy to have Ms. DeLima as a resource while we work through our complicated Medical Leave Management cases. Ms. De Lima helped us work through a complex PDL, FMLA, FEHA, CFRA case with several performance management issues and threats of retaliation. The employee ended up leaving our employment. She is a great resource for coordinating the complicated medical leaves in California.”

HR Manager


“Ms. De Lima is our go-to person for help and direction when it comes to managing ADA, FEHA, Sexual Harassment and medical leave issues. She understands the nature of our organization and works with our managers to empower them with the skills to investigate and respond to complaints. With a particularly adversarial ADA/FEHA, Worker’s Compensation issue, Ms. De Lima was key in moving the discussion forward, helping accommodate the employee, while protecting the company. She investigated the retaliation complaint, making sure the employee understood the performance issues would not be ignored. In the end, Ms. De Lima made sure both sides were heard and adequately addressed.”

Executive Director

Sierra Nevada Alliance

“Beth is terrific at giving down-to-earth explanations of complex [HR] issues. I enjoyed Beth’s enthusiasm for helping managers understand their role in the workers’ compensation system. Beth is always well received by the audience.”

Triebsch, Frampton, Dorius & Lima, James R. McDade, Esq.

Testimonials from Seminar Attendees

“I really enjoyed the interaction and being able to discuss actual work cases.”

Creative Arts Agency Benefits & HR Manager

“Can I keep Beth in my pocket; I advise on difficult leave management issues.”

Safety Analyst, FPI Management

“Beth was, and is, a fantastic facilitator. She was extremely helpful and diligent. I appreciate her straight forwardness, honesty, and wanting to share her knowledge and experience!”

HR Manager, Old Republic Home Protection

“I enjoyed the seminar as a whole as I am new to the leave process and found Beth presented the policies clearly.”

Human Resources Analyst, Scripps Research Institute

“I am new to Employee Health Department. I have been an Infection Prevention Nurse, and our department has merged employee health. Got lots of good and new information. ”

Registered Nurse, Infection Prevention/Employee Health, Sierra View District Hospital

“This is SO appreciated! Thank you so much for sending and for the enlightening seminar! You both did an excellent job! Hopefully, there will be more seminars at such a convenient location. It was a beneficial balance of information and informal discussion and ensured topics were relevant and thoroughly discussed.”

Director of HR/Vice President, Causeway Capital Management LLC

“I left having more confidence in understanding CA regulations, and knowing it is okay to manage performance when applicable.”

HR Specialist, Jeppesen

“Beth is very knowledgeable! She is an engaging speaker and keeps the seminar flowing. All HR professionals need to take this seminar.”

HR Specialist, Gorman Learning Center

“It was a great conference.”

Human Resources Generalist, Freedom Financial Network, LLC

“Seminar was good with lots of information to learn and understand. Scenarios were very good and useful. The ad hoc discussions and Q&A session was highly effective and informative. Instructor Beth Brascugli De Lima is knowledgeable and approachable.”

Human Resources, Fluidigm Corporation

“The basics were very useful.”

Total Rewards Consultant (Interim Sr. Mgr., Comp & Benefits), Fluidigm Corporation

“Seminar was excellent and engaging. The subject matter was very useful and informative.”

Director of Human Resources, Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard

“Instructor was great and very knowledgeable.”

Human Resources Specialist, ZS Associates, Inc.

“Beth was a great speaker and has a wealth of knowledge and is highly valued for her insight. She is very friendly and approachable. I would like to attend her future trainings in San Diego.”

Regional Director of Human Resources, Five Star Quality Care

“Training was highly informative, and I was able to learn a lot from other participants as well.”

Human Resources Administrator, Design Veronique

“It was an excellent session with great topics.”

Director, Human Resources

"I like the real life examples. Beth kept the pace fast and info at a high level. Good overview.”

HR Consultant, Next Level Strategies

"The most valuable information I took away from the trainer was an understanding of how all the [medical leave] programs overlap and integrate.”

Personnel Office, State Lands Commission

“Not only did I learn a lot about leaves, but I learned how to organize my work-flow better with some of the tools and examples discussed.”

Executive Assistant, Mendocino Schools

“Very Great Class. Beth was very interactive and gave real life examples using our own stories. Looking forward to the website kickoff.”

HR Representative, Western Digital Technologies

“Not only did I learn a lot about leaves, but I learned how to organize my work flow better with some of the tools and examples discussed.”

Executive Assistant, Mendocino Schools

“Beth had a Wealth of knowledge and experience to share. It was great to see/hear her perspective and feedback on the complex leave scenarios.”

HR Manager, CBS Interactive

“The information presented was easy to understand. I appreciate the slides and material given as take-aways.”

HR Coordinator/Risk Manager

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