The Ultimate Guide to Managing Medical Leaves
 and Accommodations in CA

Previous In-Person and Zoom Workshop :

Date: April 4th-5th 2024

Where: Waterfront Hotel in Oakland, CA

Times: 9am - 4pm

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Federal Medical Leaves and Accommodations

Upcoming In-Person and Zoom Workshop :

Date: October 10th-11th, 2024

Where: Chicago, IL or via Zoom

Times: 9am - 4pm

What is in the Workshop?

  • Learn how to manage Third Party Administrators
  • Learn to create and manage a simple, powerful, easy to use system for managing medical leaves and accommodations in your workplace
  • Discover the red flags that will help prevent a lawsuit
  • How to conduct and document Good Faith Interactive              Meetings and Undue Hardship Analysis
  • Get solutions on how to respond to leave abuse
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    The Ultimate Guide: An Advanced Training in Medical Leave and Accommodation Management and How You Can Incorporate Your Organization's Policies, Procedures, Union Contracts, Culture and Risk Tolerance into Your Own Integrated System.  This will include FMLA/CFRA, ADA/FEHA, PDL/Pregnancy Disability, and Workers’ Compensation/. As a bonus, You Will Also Learn Proven Strategies to Deal With Related Performance Management and Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Complaints and More!

    Let an HR Pro With over 30 Years of Experience Teach You a Simple, Powerful and Easy-to-Use Methodology and Workflow to Control, Not Just Manage, Medical Leaves and Accommodations in Your Organization, with or without a 3rd party administrator!

    For California employers with five (5) or more employees you now must comply with the expanded CFRA.  This extends leave rights to employees who need to care for ill "family members" defined as a child (of any age), parent, or spouse, 

    PLUS parent-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, and a domestic partner!

    Do you know when you can coordinate the expanded CFRA leave with FMLA?

    Do you know when you can coordinate CFRA with Workers’ Comp, Pregnancy Disability or COVID-19? 

    We are experts so you don't have to be!  Let our 30 years of experience make your life easier!  

    Amount of Notice Provided by Client to LMS to Cancel the Program Amount to be Paid to LMS. Fewer than 30 days but more than 5 business days before the first session date you will get 25% of the Program Fee back. 5 business days or less before the first session date 0% of the Program Fee.

    Here’s what PAST PARTICIPANTS have SAid ABOUT THIS training

    This comprehensive, super-interactive, 2-day webinar will equip you with proven tips, insider access to free tools and an integrated methodology and workflows for managing medical leaves and accommodations in your workplace, incorporating your policies, procedures, union contracts, and your organization's risk tolerance without the legalese.  This is NOT a training to teach you the basics of the various regulations.  This is an advanced training that teaches you the EXACT SAME INTEGRATED approach we have used to proactively control Medical Leaves and Accommodations for our clients for over 30 years.

    • Get exact solutions to your medical leave management challenges without getting confused with legalese
    • Learn how to respond to potential fraud and leave abuse while mitigating the risk of a lawsuit you can't win
    • Discover the red flags and landmines to avoid in managing medical leaves and accommodation
    • Get access to little-known, free resources for developing Essential Function Job Descriptions and accommodation ideas.  (This should be taught in College, but for some strange reason it isn't!)
    • Learn the employee life cycle, from recruiting to, integrated policies, to transitioning from FMLA to ADA, and transitioning from pregnancy disabilities with PDL/FMLA (potential ADA/FEHA) to CFRA Baby bonding
    • Learn how to identify potential abuse and what you can do to stop it
    • Discover the best practices for handling related performance management issues, and harassment, discrimination, and retaliation challenges
    • How to accurately and consistently implement FMLA/CFRA, ADA/FEHA, Pregnancy Disability, and Workers’ Compensation programs, including California’s New Parent Leave
    • How to conduct (and document) Good Faith Interactive Meetings and Undue Hardship Analysis Research
    • Learn effective strategies, tips, best practices, and HR Standards of Care on how to impose your companies’ performance management system for employees who have accommodations and are not meeting all of the Essential Functions of their job
    • See why an integrated approach to Medical Leaves and Accommodations is the Gold Standard.
    • Learn the pitfalls of using 3rd party administrators and how to manage them correctly.

    Learn directly from Beth De Lima, MBA, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP. Beth is a nationally recognized Medical Leave and Accommodation compliance HR expert. She has been ‘in the trenches’ helping companies implement these regulations and providing expert testimony for litigation since the regulations were originally enacted over 30 years ago.

    As a result of the large number of Expert Testimony cases she has been retained on, she has a unique and very powerful window into the errors organizations make that get them slapped with lawsuits they can't win.  Come learn from her decades of experience!  Remember, this training was created by an HR Pro, for HR Pros!


    “Beth was a great speaker and has a wealth of knowledge and is highly valued for her insight. She is very friendly and approachable. I would like to attend her future trainings."

    Regional Director of Human Resources

    Five Star Quality Care

    Valuable 'Cheat Sheet' For Understanding Medical Leaves.

    This is a 'basics brochure' that gives an all-inclusive look into everything from FMLA to ADA transition to PDL and Baby Bonding

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