Simple, Effective & Affordable Medical Leave Management and Accommodations

LMS provides a membership site that helps small and medium companies affordably control their state ADA, WC, FMLA and other federal Medical Leaves. We partner with busy professionals who want to manage their medical leaves effectively, efficiently and affordably. We created the Integrated Leave Management System™to make your life easier.

Easily Control Your Medical Leaves and Accommodations

In speaking with busy professionals at our clients and in our trainings, we find that all of them know the importance of managing medical leaves properly, but FAR too few have the time, budget or trusted resource to guide them through the tough spots. They’re struggling to manage their leaves while performing all the other tasks they have to do.

These three issues can be easily overcome with a partnership with LMS.

Barriers to Change

Change isn’t easy. It means breaking old habits and embracing new tools. Most busy professionals have not been involved with the ordeal and expense of losing a medical leave lawsuit. (Even being on the winning side is not a fun experience!) If you prefer to avoid the ordeal of an FMLA or ADA medical leave lawsuit, improve productivity, save money and time we have the right tools and resources for you 24/7/365. Call us at 1-866-838-7188 and let us help you find the right tools and resources for you, even if you choose to partner with a different company.

Interested in becoming an LMS Membership affiliate or reseller?

LMS membership is available exclusively through authorized resellers. If you are an HR consulting company, Professional Employer Organization, Payroll provider, Risk Management Consultant, CPA, Insurance broker or a firm interested in passing wholesale membership prices on to your clients, please contact us at (866) 838-7188 to discuss how we can help you or send us an e-mail from our contact us form.

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A Leave Management Solutions Membership is the easiest way to keep your organization compliant with state and federal medical leave regulations and protect yourself from wrongful termination, litigation and abuse.