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Drowning in Integrated FMLA Medical Leave & ADA Interactive Process Accommodation Issues?

Our one-on-one consulting calls with our lead trainer will answer any questions. She is a
Vocational Expert, FMLA/ADA/Discrimination Expert Witness, and has personally
created 100’s of Essential Function Job Descriptions since the ADA was enacted.

Each in-depth, personalized consultation costs $350 per hour—only a fraction of the lawsuit you could be named in or the cost of your attorney. However, if you are an LMS Member, consulting costs will be $250 an hour! Click below to get all your FMLA / ADA / Pregnancy and Workers’ Compensation Medical Leave & ADA Accommodation questions answered today.


Mounds of unfilled paperwork piles up at your desk. Employee requests for FMLA, ADA, Pregnancy Disability, Baby Bonding and the related Compliance Issues, and more show up every day... and you're drowning in them all!


Each case is as unique as the next, leaving you with more questions than complete paperwork. In the end, you create general forms filled with blanket statements and too many holes to count. But the more you try to swim your way out of the flood of paperwork, the further you sink into the possibility of FMLA and ADA Abuse and Lawsuits...

DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN! When it comes to managing challenging Integrated FMLA Medical Leave & ADA Accommodation Issues, seek out the experts—or become an expert yourself! Leave Management Solutions provides personal one-on-one consulting options for HR Professionals struggling to stay on top of the ever-changing CA and other state regulations and the difficult-to-comprehend Federal Laws. We've done the hard work of finding all the answers, and we're ready to share them with you! Simply book a call with one of our Expert Consultants below, and we'll help with:

  • Conducting Good Faith Interactive Meetings
  • Analyzing whether an Accommodation is an Undue Hardship Case
  • Amending & building Essential Function Job Descriptions
  • Determining if your employee is a Qualified Individual with a Disability
  • Understanding the transition from FMLA to ADA, especially for never ending leave requests
  • Resolving the confusion of State & Federal Regulation Compliance, especially when they run concurrently
  • Dealing with related performance issues and complaints of harassment or retaliation
  • Complying with Union Contracts, MOU's, and Company Policies/Procedures
  • And much, much more!

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At LMS, we're committed to partnering with busy professionals and organizations to ensure that medical leaves and ADA Accommodations can be managed effectively, efficiently, and affordably. Simply choose your time zone below, and we'll provide the most convenient times to talk. Most sessions fall on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. However, you can call or email us to reschedule at any time.

Client Reviews:

Mt. Shasta Logo

“We have been working with Beth De Lima since 2011 with our medical leave management issues. We have learned a great deal from her. We now feel better equipped to manage our day-to-day medical absences independently, with their services on speed-dial for the more challenging cases that arise.”

- Suzanne Bentley, General Manager, Mt. Shasta Resort

Mendocino Unified School Logo

“School District Administrative Assistants play so many roles in a small district and the human resources piece is critical to get right. The laws around employee rights in California and in California Education in particular, are land mines creating liability for small school districts who typically don’t have separate Human Resource departments. Leave Management Solutions, and Beth De Lima’s numerous coaching checklists, flow charts, and detailed forms have helped me to carefully implement the laws while allowing me to keep track of what needs to happen and when. I now feel I have resources from Leave Management Solutions that I can use to drive processes of HR instead of being reactive to each issue as it comes up.”

- Susan Strom, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/Human Resources, Mendocino Unified School District


“Ms. De Lima exceeded all of my expectations for our debacle. She was not only able to assist us with avoiding a discrimination lawsuit; she was able to do so with great efficiency and professionalism. In less than 2 weeks from our initial contact, we were able to have our issue resolved satisfactorily for both parties. The process was quiet, quick and smooth. Ms. De Lima was a delight to work with – extremely professional, bright and to the point. If we were to encounter another similar type situation, she would be my first call.”

- Mason Overstreet, Prior Conservation Director, Friends of West Shore