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California CFRA/FMLA and ADA/FEHA with Workers' Comp, Pregnancy, Performance Management Challenges, Harassment, Retaliation, and Discrimination Complaints --- training By HR for HR

Discover a System for Integrating Medical Leaves and Accommodations and Implementing California and Federal Regulations With Your Company Policies, Procedures, and Union Contracts

Date: 25th and 26th June 2020 

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM on both days

LIVE STREAM , in the comfort of your own home or office

What Past Attendees Are Saying...

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Sunsweet Growers

Personnel Scheduler

Control FMLA Intermittent Leaves with Confidence

“Sunsweet started working with Ms. De Lima to clean up our FMLA intermittent leaves. I was not the original person for the task but after much consideration, it was determined that I would take over the medical leave management. I started with a little knowledge regarding medical leaves, but I have worked closely with Beth’s Leave Management Team for approximately 4 -5 months, and now I’m able to manage 20 leaves at any given time with confidence. I have been using their leave letters and forms with little or no knowledge of the FMLA, CFRA, ADA or workers compensation regulations and I was able to master the letters within a few days. I keep them on speed dial to assist with any new case that I am unsure about, and they are quick to help me get things under control immediately. I would highly recommend them to any company needing assistance. They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and timely in all of their work.”

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Sierra Nevada Alliance

Executive Director

Empower Managers with skills to investigate and respond to complaints

“Ms. De Lima is our go-to person for help and direction when it comes to managing ADA, FEHA, Sexual Harassment and medical leave issues. She understands the nature of our organization and works with our managers to empower them with the skills to investigate and respond to complaints. With a particularly adversarial ADA/FEHA, Worker’s Compensation issue, Ms. De Lima was key in moving the discussion forward, helping accommodate the employee, while protecting the company. She investigated the retaliation complaint, making sure the employee understood the performance issues would not be ignored. In the end, Ms. De Lima made sure both sides were heard and adequately addressed.”

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Friends of West Shore

Prior Conservation Director

Avoid discrimination lawsuit with a quiet, quick, and smooth process

“Ms. De Lima exceeded all of my expectations for our debacle. She was not only able to assist us with avoiding a discrimination lawsuit; she was able to do so with great efficiency and professionalism. In less than two weeks from our initial contact, we were able to have our issue resolved satisfactorily for both parties. The process was quiet, quick, and smooth. Ms. De Lima was a delight to work with – extremely professional, bright and to the point. If we were to encounter another similar type situation, she would be my first call.”

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Kaweah Delta

Health Care District, ADA HR Specialist

Maximize Effectiveness in Addressing ADA

“I love the format of your website. It’s very clean and intuitive. Thank you for your easy to access resources, they have helped me maximize my effectiveness in addressing the ADA and have the confidence I need to terminate employees who fail to engage in the interactive process, as a result of the well-structured notification process you have designed.”

About The Trainer

Beth De Lima, is nationally recognized Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Compliance expert since 1993.

She has been providing FMLA/ADA/ Pregnancy Subject Matter Expert Testimony, Training, and Consulting Services since the FMLA and ADA passed.

Ms. De Lima is both a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and a Human Resource Management Consultant, Trainer and Employment Litigation Expert Witness and a Subject MaUer Expert in Medical Leave and Accommodation Management (ADA/FEHA, FMLA/CFRA, PDL and Workers’ Compensation) on a national level.


What Will You Learn?

In this comprehensive, interactive, 2-day training you will learn a proven methodology for managing medical leaves and accommodations without the legalese.

  • Master FMLA/CFRA, PDL, Workers’ Compensation, Baby Bonding, and ADA/FEHA medical leave and accommodation management.
  • Get exact solutions to your medical leave management challenges without getting confused with legal opinions.
  • Learn how to handle intermiIent or ongoing medical leaves and accommodations.
  • Discover the best practices for handling related performance management issues, and harassment, discrimination, and retaliation challenges.
  • Learn how to respond to potential fraud and leave abuse while mitigating the risk of litigation or a lawsuit.
  • How to accurately and consistently implement FMLA/CFRA, ADA/FEHA, Pregnancy Disability, and Workers’ Compensation programs, including California’s New Parent Leave.
  • Understand which leaves are paid, which require protection of benefits, which need medical certificates, and which can run concurrently.
  • How to cure Medical Certificates for employees who are exceeding the leave eligibility designation and how to obtain second opinions.
  • How to recognize when employees are not meeting performance standards before leaving or upon return from leave.
  • Discover the red flags and landmines to avoid in managing medical leaves and accommodation.
  • How to overcome the challenges with Intermittent leaves and Integrated leave policy development.
  • How to conduct Good Faith Interactive Meetings and Undue Hardship Analysis/Research.
  • How to develop and administer the Essential Functions Job Assessment – how, when, and what to document, and how to inform the employee of the ongoing process.
  • Get access to little-known resources for developing Essential Function Job descriptions and accommodation ideas and services.
  • Counseling forms, warnings, and how and when to implement and/or terminate even when someone is on FMLA or protected under ADA.
  • Learn effective complaint strategies, tips, best practices, and HR Standards of Care on how to impose your companies’ performance management system for employees who have accommodations or protected leave and are not meeting the expectations of the job, or are unable to meet the performance standards with their accommodations.
  • Determine eligibility and when you can deny leave with confidence and conviction.
  • How to manage employees who are potentially committing fraud.
  • Understand how to manage complaints and conduct investigations when an employee on protected ADA, FMLA, or PDL or other protective leave complains of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.
  • Learn the employee life cycle, from recruiting to, integrated policies, to transitioning from FMLA to ADA, and transitioning from pregnancy disabilities with PDL/FMLA (potential ADA/FEHA) to CFRA Baby bonding.
  • Discover the implications of ADA/ FEHA and FMLA/CFRA running concurrently with other medical leaves including Workers’ Compensation and your company policies.
  • Learn how to identify potential fraud and abuse and what you can do to stop it.