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People Are Talking About: SHRM NorCal Symposium sessions

People are talking - LMS

Did you hear the news? People are talking about the great experience they had when Ms. De Lima conducted her

pre-conference workshop, The Ten Deadly Sins of Managing Medical Leave and Accommodations in CA (FMLA/CFRA, ADA/FEHA, PDL, Work Comp, CFRA BB and NPL)

It was attended by a great group of professionals concerned about learning proven strategies for managing FMLA, ADA, Pregnancy Disability and Workers' Compensation Leaves and Accommodations.

Amazing, right?

Take a look at their comments below!


“Take the Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management workshop with Beth – it will solve all your [Medical] leave [and Accommodation] problems…you will be able to stay in compliance with FMLA and ADA!”

HR Manager, Emjay


“I knew very little about California medical leave processes and procedures when I came. I feel more confident in my knowledge…Very interactive and engaging, this is a complicated topic and the time spent reviewing and explaining was really helpful. I loved the online resources.”

 Principal Consultant ,Wolf Brown 


“One of the best sessions and learned so much more about FMLA/ADA documentation and strategy... this will mitigate lawsuits under ADA and make functions more effective"

Director of HR  & Talent

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The Ultimate Guide to California FMLA/CFRA, ADA/FEHA, PDL, PFL, SDI and Workers' Compensation and Handling Related Performance Management, Harassment,Discrimination and Retaliation Challenges



to satisfy the requests of many clients—we are rolling out a Certified Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Training Program soon.  It will be the ultimate help you need to excel at this challenging topic and advance your career.

The Charter Group of students is almost fully pre-sold.  If you think you MIGHT be interested in joining the charter group in a self-paced, online program with 18 jam-packed modules or even if you just want to be notified when details will be posted to the LMS website and have the option to register and prepay, please reply to this email.  We will make sure you get added to the email list to be notified of the details of the program and its discounted cost.  Of course, LMS members will be offered the deepest discount and be given first option, so now is a great time to become a member, since the savings could pay for your first year of membership!