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Jim’s Not Returning the FMLA Certificate – Can We Deny Leave?

Jim’s Not Returning the FMLA Certificate - LMS


Q. Jim has been sick and forgot to return his FMLA intermittent medical certificate to us within the required 15 days. We gave Jim a 7 day extension, but he said he was so sick, he forgot to return that certificate as well. We denied Jim’s FMLA intermittent leave request and disciplined him for breaking our attendance policy because he never turned in the proper paperwork. What if he re-applies for FMLA and wants us to retroactively apply FMLA? Can he reapply for retroactive FMLA?

A. You have several issues going on here. FIRST, when FMLA ends ADA begins, all the time, every time, NO MATTER WHAT, unless Jim is determined to not be a Qualified Individual with a Disability (QID), it is established it is an Undue Hardship to provide the Intermittent Leave as an accommodation, or it is an Unreasonable request.

If Jim does not respond to the request to provide the FMLA certification to confirm eligibility, we then send a FMLA denial notice and inform Jim he may be eligible for protection under the ADA. If he fails to respond to the request to provide documentation regarding his potential eligibility under the ADA and does not engage in the interactive, good faith meeting process, I would move forward with denial of the ADA. At that point, since Jim’s leave is not protected under either FMLA or ADA, we would then implement the attendance policy.

If Jim later provides documentation confirming eligibility under FMLA, for the qualifying event Jim initially requested, I would feel comfortable retroactively designating FMLA from the date he originally requested FMLA. You, of course, would then rescind any personnel actions regarding attendance retroactive to the start of his FMLA.


TIPS:There are many nuances and details to the process described above so be sure you understand the details and the strategies well. As an HR Expert Witness in Medical Leaves and Accommodations, I can tell you that a common area that gets organizations sued is when the FMLA to ADA transition is not done correctly, which is why mastering these processes is crucial to ensuring your organization functions optimally.

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