Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™

California COVID-19 EZ HR Solution


Family First Expanded FMLA & Sick Leave Forms and (with CFRA as applicable)


OVGECA3002 Leave of Absence Request / Sick Leave RequestUse this form for the employee to indicate type of Leave needed.
OVCA3002 Family First FMLA Amended CertificationUse this form for the medical certification for Family First FMLA leaves
OVCA3008 Family First Sick Leave CertificationUse this form to confirm the need for Family First Sick Leave.
OVCA3101 Family First FMLA Eligibility-Conditional Designation LetterUse this form to notify of eligibility and conditionally grant Family First FMLA leave when an employee has been absent for 3 or more days, or has informed you of the need for Family First FMLA leave due to a qualifying event, but has not provided enough information on the certificate confirming the need for leave is a qualifying Family First FMLA even.
OVCA3103 FMLA Designation LetterUse this form to designate leave for Family First FMLA after receiving certification indicating the need for leave qualifies as Family First FMLA.
OVCA3003 Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee Return to WorkUse this form to confirm ability to Return To Work (RTW)  with or without Accommodation & Symptom Free
OVCA3102 Family First FMLA Designation Conditional Letter Second Request LetterUse this form to provide the employee a second opportunity to provide information confirming the need for a qualifying Family First FMLA leave. This letter will continue the conditional Family First FMLA designation if the employee did not respond to the first request for certification.
OVCA3214 FMLA Non Eligible-Denial Notification LetterUse this form to inform employees they are not eligible for FMLA and deny the Family First FMLA leave request.