Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™

Medical Leave Training for Managers

Without This...

Don't expect supervisors to manage how they respond to FMLA, ADA, Pregnancy, Baby Bonding, and Workers' Compensation Medical Leaves and Accommodations! 

In just 20 minutes, you can educate managers on how to effectively identify and respond to FMLA and ADA accommodation requests.

Don't Get Caught in an HR Nightmare

Getting caught in an FMLA, ADA, or Pregnancy Medical Leave or ADA Accommodation Lawsuit with your company can't win is every HR Professional's nightmare.

And, all too often, it's caused by managers or supervisors unaware of how to properly respond to FMLA/ADA/Pregnancy and Workers’ Compensation leave and accommodation challenges. Most HR professionals are not aware that while in compliance with one policy, you can be in violation of another, so how can we expect our supervisors to understand the important details. Avoid costly attorney’s fees with a 20-minute training video and quiz - we can even customize the training to your company's policies and procedures!

Supervisors & Managers are Critical in Maintaining Compliance

Most Supervisors and Managers are never trained on FMLA, ADA, Pregnancy, and how the regulations integrate with each and Workers' Compensation, believing they can leave it up to HR to deal with these policies and procedures or they simply just respond the way they always have. However, your supervisors and managers are critical in maintaining compliance not only with federal and state regulations but with company policies and union contracts as well...

Get Supervisors & Managers Trained

So, it is our duty to train them! Leave Management Solutions is committed to partnering with busy HR professionals and organizations to ensure FMLA, ADA, and Pregnancy medical leaves and ADA accommodations are managed effectively, efficiently, and affordably. We do this through trainings like our Integrated FMLA, Pregnancy, ADA, Workers’ Compensation Medical Leave & ADA Accommodation Training for Supervisors.

During our 20-minute training...

Your organization's managers and supervisors will learn:

  • The Essential Do’s and Don’ts of FMLA, ADA, Pregnancy & Workers’ Compensation 
  • Medical Leave/ADA Accommodation Management
  • Ensure Your Supervisors Inform HR When An Employee Requests an Accommodation 
  • Ensure your Supervisors Inform HR When They Become Aware of an Employees’ Potential Serious Health Condition
  • Basic Training on How State and Federal Regulations Integrate with Your Organization's Policies and Procedures and Union Contracts
  • The 3 Keys to Preventing Medical Leave/Accommodation Management Lawsuits
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