Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™

ADA Accommodation Compliance Blueprint

ADA Accommodation Compliance Blueprint

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Essential Function Job Descriptions, Good Faith Interactive Meeting, Undue Hardship Analysis, ADA Accommodation Research, ADA Designation & ADA Denial

This comprehensive, advanced training package will help you confirm if an employee is a qualified individual with a disability and provides you all the information you need to effectively and efficiently, manage all ADA accommodation requests in your workplace including addressing undue hardship and unreasonable accommodation requests.

What's Included In This Package?

On-demand and Live Instruction

  • 15.5 Hours / CEU's
  • 6 Courses Plus a Bonus                 Lesson
  • One year access
  • Expert Coaching

  • 6 Live Monthly Q&A /                      Coaching Sessions
  • Exclusive Access to a Private        Facebook Group
  • Constant Resources

  • Assessment Quiz(s)
  • Companion Learning Guides
  • Pass the tests & get certified
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    Integrated Medical Leave & Accommodation Management System™

    Essential Function Job Description Development

    Conducting Good Faith Interactive Meetings

    Completing an Undue Hardship Analysis

    ADA Accommodation Research

    ADA Designation

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    ADA Denial

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    About the Course Instructor

    Beth De Lima, MBA,

    Beth De Lima, MBA,

    Beth is recognized as a national expert in FMLA/ADA HR compliance. For over 28 years, she has been helping companies implement FMLA/ADA regulations since they were originally passed in the early 90s. From fortune 5000 organizations and government agencies to mid-market companies and small businesses, she has helped implement these regulations in businesses of every shape and size. Beth De Lima has trained thousands of HR professionals in these complex regulations. She is a sought-after subject matter expert providing expert testimony for litigations and lawsuits. 

    Please watch the video for an overview of the Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™

    Money Back Guarantee

    Start the training, if you are dissatisfied with the depth and breadth of knowledge after your first module and quiz, simply ask and we’ll send you 100% money back. All we ask for is evidence that you’ve completed a single module and attempted to complete the self-assessment quiz.