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Refund Policy


 Either party may cancel the membership for any reason (even for no reason) upon providing written notice to the other party at least ten (10) days before the next scheduled membership renewal date (monthly or yearly). Member shall be able to submit a cancellation request from within the membership software in the event that member wishes to cancel their membership.  Leave Management Solutions LLC has the right to cancel membership immediately without written notice in the event member has not paid the required membership fee when due.


Our membership resources are delivered by a password protected website.  No physical products are shipped to the member and, if membership is canceled, there is no physical product to return.


Our founder has operated a successful HR consulting and Expert Witness practice since the 90’s with a focus on delivering great value and outstanding results to her clients.  Leave Management Solutions LLC continues this philosophy and offers the following refund policy:

An unconditional, no questions asked, full money back refund if you cancel for any reason (or no reason) within 14 days of buying your monthly or annual membership.  No refunds after the 14 day period.

The monthly membership was designed for smaller firms that do not have a lot of Medical Leaves.  They may choose to be a member for only a small part of a year when they have active leaves to help them manage the process easily and more cost effectively.

The annual membership was designed for larger firms with multiple active medical leaves throughout the year who will benefit from access to our membership resources throughout the year.