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Medical Leave/Accommodation Training for Managers

$ 29.97

This course is designed to quickly show non-HR supervisors the essential information you need to know to manage your part of Medical Leaves and Accommodations in partnership with your HR team.  It is a brief overview of what to do AND what not to do so you are not the cause of the 6, 7, 8 or 9 figure lawsuit.  (Yes, 9 figure lawsuits are possible like the $185,000,000 award AutoZone lost in 2014 for what started as a simple pregnancy disability request.)

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Show your managers and supervisors the essential do’s and don’ts of Medical Leave/Accommodation Management in about 20 minutes using one online video and one quiz. Can be customized to provide basic training on your policies and procedures or just to mention your HR/Leave/Accommodation contacts. Attractive volume discounts start at just 10 prepaid students. Call or e-mail now for your volume or custom quote! This training is one of our 3 keys to preventing Medical Leave/Accommodation Management lawsuits you can’t win.