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Become a Certified Integrated Medical Leaves and Accommodations Management Specialist in California

Announcing: California Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist Certification Course.

For the first time ever, a comprehensive, in-depth course on managing medical leave and accommodations in California from America’s leading HR compliance consultant, coach, and expert witness - Beth De Lima.

Beth De Lima - Leave Management Solutions

Beth De Lima, MBA, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP is a recognized expert in FMLA/ADA HR compliance.

For over 27 years, she has been helping companies implement FMLA/ADA regulations since they were originally passed in the early 90s’. From fortune 5000 organizations and government agencies to mid-market companies and small businesses, she has helped implement these regulations in businesses of every shape and size.

Beth De Lima has trained over 5,000 HR professionals in these complex regulations. She is a sought-after consultant, trainer, and eexpert witness providing testimony in litigations and lawsuits.

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Enrollment for the course will open on 07 July 2020.

 (Once you are on the waiting list, you will be given first preference, before we open the course to the entire list. We will be accepting only 20 people.)

Who is a Certified Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodations Management Specialist (CIMLA)?

A Certified Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodations Specialist is someone who can implement the Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodations Management SystemTM in their organization consistently and confidently with the company's policies, procedures, and union contracts.

The Only Course on Integrated Medical Leaves and Accommodations in California by HR for HR.

Traditionally, medical leaves and accommodation regulations are taught by attorneys.

Listen up folks…

We are HR! We like to learn with scenarios and examples.

This course is created by an FMLA/ADA HR compliance expert for 27+ years. That means, you will learn everything in simple, HR-friendly language without the legalese.

Why this Course?

Over the past five years, I have trained thousands of HR professionals helping them understand and implement these regulations. Time and again, HR professionals expressed the need for an in-depth training they can learn at their own pace, time, and comfort.

The answer came in the form of Certified Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodations Specialist Course.


But there is another reason why this course can be such a valuable resource.
And it has to do with the Dr. Hermann Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve theory.
According to Hermann, when we learn something new, we forget 30% of that information within 24 hours and almost 90% percent within the first month.
No wonder why your training wasn't having the impact you'd hoped for.
Not anymore.

This Course is Designed To Help You Make Your Learning Permanent

The key to learning is repetition.
The certification course is designed to help you remember so what you learn is permanent.

It is available anytime, anywhere, 24x7. So, you can learn whenever you wish to and as many times as you want.
In addition, you’ll have the companion guides and a self-assessment quiz to help you solidify your learning and make it permanent.

Course Syllabus

Discover the Integrated Medical Leaves and Accommodation Management SystemTM and how you can implement it effectively and efficiently in your organization.

You will learn the nuances of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and how they integrate with FEHA/ADA, paid family leave, state disability insurance, baby bonding, pregnancy, disability, and workers’ comp.

You will not only learn the regulations themselves but how they integrate with your company's policies, procedures, union contracts, and memorandum of understanding.

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Designation: FMLA/CFRA & ADA/FEHA & the Transitions from FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA (7.5 hours)

Overcome the challenges in designating FMLA/CFRA leaves in California and build a solid foundation of your integrated leave and accommodations management systemTM. In this package, you will learn about the eligibility and designation process of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act (CFRA) as well as ADA and FEHA.

Module 1: FMLA/CFRA Designation (CA) (4 hours)
Module 2: FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA Transition (CA) (1.5 hours)


Advanced ADA/FEHA: Essential Functions Job Descriptions, Good Faith Interactive Meeting, Undue Hardship Analysis, & Qualified Individual with a Disability Determination (7 hours)

The FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA transition is one of the most complex areas of medical leave accommodation management, specifically in the state of California. It is most susceptible to litigations or a lawsuit.

In this package, you’ll understand the complexities and the best practices to properly transition from FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA. You will also learn the nuances of creating the essential function job description, conducting good faith interactive meetings, performing ADA/FEHA accommodation research, and conducting undue hardship analysis.

Module 4: Essential Function Job Description Development (CA)
(1.5 hours)
Module 5: Conducting Good Faith Interactive Meetings (CA)
(2.5 hours)
Module 6: ADA/FEHA Accommodation Research (CA)
(1 hours)
Module 7: Completing an Undue Hardship Analysis (CA)
(1.5 hours)


FMLA/CFRA & ADA/FEHA Denial & Next Steps (X Hours)

How do you properly determine and deny designation for non-qualifying FMLA/CFRA or ADA/FEHA requests? Failing to follow the denial process could result in employees filing a claim or even launch a litigation. You learn the process of denying FMLA/CFRA to ensure you are compliant with both state and federal regulations.

When you follow the procedures, you will feel confident that you have met all of your responsibilities.

Module 8: FMLA/CFRA Denial & Next Steps (CA) (1 hours)
Module 9: ADA/FEHA Denial & Next Steps (CA) (1.5 hours)
Module 10: FMLA/CFRA- ADA/FEHA DENIAL when protected under Work Comp and PDL (CA) (1 hour)

What Will You Get?

  • Self-assessment quiz
  • Lifetime access
  • 9 modules + 2 bonus modules
  • 12 full months of Q &A sessions
  • Companion guides
  • Available online 24x7
  • Learn as many times as you want
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Xhours of on-demand video training
  • Exclusive access to our Private Facebook Group
  • Course Certification upon successful self-assessment
  • X CEUs from SHRM

Course Benefits

Benefit #1

Become a certified medical leave and accommodation management specialist: When you complete the training and pass the assessment, you’ll earn a certification. Being a certified specialist, you will command recognition, respect and better career prospects.

Benefit #2

Stop medical leave abuse and frauds: Medical leave abuse and frauds pose the greatest threat to productivity in organizations big or small. Being a certified leave management and accommodation specialist, you will be able to stop leave abuse with utmost confidence and professionalism.

Benefit #3

Mitigate the risk of litigation or a lawsuit: You’ll not only mitigate the risk of litigation on your employer but you will also contribute towards increasing the productivity and overall satisfaction of the workforce.

Benefit #4

Save costs: Mistakes in managing medical leaves and accommodations can result in fines & penalties from the DOL (Department of Labor), productivity losses due to employee downtime, as well as legal and medical cost ramifications. Plus, it can have an adverse impact on employee morale. You can potentially save thousands of dollars in unwanted costs and mental/emotional suffering

Stop Wasting Time and Discover the Most Comprehensive Training on this subject Available Anywhere

Time is the ultimate currency we all have. And it is scarce.
More so when you are an HR. You have to fire-fight so many issues every day and you are still expected to stay compliant.
This course will be a HUGE time saver.
Just like a genie, it will help you navigate through common medical leave medical leaves and accommodations challenges anytime. Whenever you are stuck or you’re not sure what to do in a specific situation, simply log-in to your course dashboard, click on the relevant module and get the answer you are looking for.
No more wasting hours upon hours searching on the internet or spending money in buying half-baked training.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such a comprehensive training available anytime at your fingertips?

Get Real Time Answers and Ongoing Support

With your purchase of the Certification Program, we are including ongoing support and live coaching sessions with Beth De Lima. So, you are never stuck and get answers to your leave management and accommodations challenges when you need them. These resources can be a huge time saver.


Access to Our Private Facebook Group: Anytime you are stuck or you have an issue you can’t find answers for, simply post your question there and get immediate solution to your problem.


12 full months of Q &A sessions: These live Q/A sessions will be conducted by Beth De Lima and designed to help you address your challenges in real time. So, you will continue to get the most updated strategies directly from Beth month after month.

How will the certification help you every day at work?

Imagine you have completed your certification. Here is how it is going to help you every day at work.

  • When somebody walks into your office, you're comfortable and confident. You know how to respond. You know how to get them the benefits they need.
  • You know how to make sure the employee understands the expectations they need to comply with to obtain those benefits and keep them.
  • And you are going to be able to sleep at night peacefully. You will be less stressed and more confident in managing an Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™ in your organization.

Get on the waiting list

Enrollment for the course will open on 07 July 2020.

 (Once you are on the waiting list, you will be given first preference, before we open the course to the entire list. We will be accepting only 20 people.)