Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™

COVID-19 EZ Package Member Area: Federal

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Please click on the link below to download the zip file. Once you download, unzip the file and you’ll find the form and the guidelines in the corresponding folder.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are regularly updating these documents based on the latest regulations. And you’ll be notified about such changes through emails. You may come back anytime to access the updated files.

Federal Package

OV3214 Family First FMLA Denial Notice

OV3102 FMLA CA Family First 2nd Cond Desig

OV3103 Family First FMLA Designation

OV3003 RTW

OV3002 Fam First FMLA Cert CA

OV3101 FMLA CA Family First Cond Desig


OV3008 Family First Sick Leave Cert CA – UPDATED 4.2.20

OV3103 Family First FMLA Designation