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FMLA Abuse

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FMLA abuse

My name is Beth B. De Lima, MBA, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP.  During my graduate studies one of my professors, who played a role in writing the FMLA/ADA laws two decades ago, suggested I become an expert in them.  He expected these laws to become very complex for HR departments to manage.   He implied tens of thousands of lawsuits for well-meaning small, medium and large firms would happen every year.

I followed his advice and eventually created a simple, but very effective system to keep my corporate HR consulting clients out of court, while reducing cost, improving productivity and ensuring they could fully comply with the FMLA.  It will stop FMLA abuse, perhaps with a little coaching from me for the first case or two.  It has worked for every one of my consulting clients.  Some clients had many cases of FMLA abuse stopped.  Other clients had multi-year FMLA abuse from a single employee stopped.  Frankly, not always within 47 days.  Some cases take longer.

As you know, many websites give you a few, free, one-size-fits-all-situations FMLA forms.  Just the free forms.  No training included.  No step-by-step instructions so you complete the form right.  Most important, no help to know if your specific FMLA case needs a special form(s) to help you avoid a costly and embarrassing  lawsuit.  (FMLA abuse cases need very special forms!)

We offer a different way.  A better way.  A large library of FMLA forms, letters, narratives, how to videos and FAQs.   Including the EXACT forms I created to help stop FMLA abuse for my clients.  Even Q&A sessions to help you take care of your FMLA abuse issue quickly.  ADA and Workers Compensation forms, too.  And all California medical leave forms are handled just as quickly, easily and in full compliance to make it EZ and fast for you.  (We have over 303 resources at your fingertips, at last count.)

As you know, when FMLA ends, ADA normally starts.  My system walks you through the ADA good faith interactive process. It helps you confirm and document if an accommodation is an undue hardship or a reasonable accommodation.   ADA lawsuits are very expensive and more common than FMLA lawsuits.

FMLA abuse is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  Our members gain instant access to all the FMLA abuse forms, step-by-step instructions and much more that I have created in my 20+ years in business as an HR consultant, FMLA/ADA trainer and HR Expert Witness.  My system and I will deliver the results you need.

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