Get Everything You Need To Master Managing Medical Leaves And Accommodations In California w/ COVID-19

(and the new California Family Rights Act 2021 amendments)

Don’t let one small mistake lead to litigation and potentially a million-dollar lawsuit. 
Dealing with medical leaves and accommodations is highly susceptible to errors, miscues, and mistakes.


This system will help you manage medical leave and accommodations like it's child's play.

Beth De Lima - Leave Management Solutions

Hello, I'm Beth! I train thousands of HR professionals and attorneys in the aspects of employment regulation compliance, litigation, and vocational rehabilitation.

STOP wasting time searching for answers online, guessing and stressing or throwing money away buying theoretical training!

Dear HR Professional,

Since my early years, I have been travelling the length and breadth of the country, training HR professionals in these complex regulations. 

After 28 years training thousands of HR folks, I noticed a strange pattern. During the session breaks, attendees often asked nearly the same kind of questions. 

HR pros were still struggling to implement Medical Leaves and Accommodation in their organization effectively. It was crystal clear that information alone wasn’t sufficient. They needed something much more than information.

The need of the hour was a system...

system that is easy to follow.

system that is practical and devoid of legalese. 

system that is built upon the foundation of HR standards of care. 

system that encapsulates both Federal and California specific regulations.

It was something on the lines of - “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

In other words, instead of troubleshooting and solving the challenges of HR professionals, why not give them a system they can use to solve their problems themselves?

The answer came in the form of the California Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management SystemTM

Hear What HR Professionals Have To Say About Us


THE California Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™

For A Limited Time Only



  • 1 Year Access To The California Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist Certification Course
  • 1 Year LMS Membership & Mentorship*
  • "In The Trenches" 2-Day Livestream Workshop (Next Workshop: November 12-13, 2020)

*Membership renewable annually

need a custom medical leave and accommodation solution for your organisation?

How Will This System Help You Everyday at Work?

Industry Recognized Certification

Gain the confidence to manage ever-changing regulations in your company 

Expert Coaching

Monthly on-line training/mentoring/coaching with a Leave/Accommodation Expert

2-Day Live Workshop

Discover the proven methodology for managing medical leaves and accommodations without the legalese

Be The Pillar Of Your Company

Save thousands of dollars in unwanted litigations, fines & penalties, as well as legal and medical cost ramifications

400+ resources

All the forms, letters, checklists, flowcharts, etc that you'll ever need

Complete Access

Get all your questions on Medical Leave and Accomodation Management answered


Get The Complete System at Only $4,899


1 YEAR ACCESS to the California Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist Certification Course

🎖Be acknowledged as a Certified CA Medical Leave & Accommodation Management Specialist™!

You will get immediate access to 10 training courses and earn up to 30 CEUs (SHRIM, HRIC, etc.) with over 28 hours of on-demand learning. 


1 Year LMS Membership & Mentorship

24/7 access to our complete library of medical leave compliance forms, letters, check lists, flow charts and monthly Q&A.

Expert training to easily implement our system, save time, save money and avoid stress by managing medical leaves effectively and efficiently.

Safeguard yourself against FMLA abuse and lawsuits by using our pre-written, “fill-in-the-blanks”, medical leave compliance forms and letters and “how to” trainings.


"In The Trenches" 2-Day Livestream Workshop

A comprehensive and interactive, 2-day training that will equip you with a proven methodology for managing medical leaves and accommodations without the legalese.

Gain the confidence of dealing with leave abuse without thinking “Am I doing the right thing?

Avoid the costly penalties of non-compliance.

Stop feeling overwhelmed or confused with compliance issues.

We've Helped People Just Like You!

Highly Effective & Informative


“I love the format of your website. It’s very clean and intuitive. Thank you for your easy to access resources, they have helped me maximize my effectiveness in addressing the ADA and have the confidence I need to terminate employees who fail to engage in the interactive process, as a result of the well-structured notification process you have designed.”

ADA HR Specialist
Kaweah Delta Health Care District  

Understand How Medical Leave Overlaps


“Can I keep Beth in my pocket; I advise on difficult leave management issues.”

Safety Analyst, FPI Management 

Straightforward & Honest


“My brain is just swimming with knowledge. I’ve learned so much, but also realize the importance of applying the knowledge accuracy and setting up an integrated system approach moving forward. So much work to do.”

HR Manager, SAWPA


Act Now And Receive These 3 Bonuses At No Cost

You are not alone in this journey. You'll get direct access to me through monthly coaching sessions and private Facebook group exclusively for certification course members, 2 extra bonus lessons and earn up to 30 CEUs! 

Bonus #1: 2 Bonus Lessons 

Overview of the integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System and Strategy for Course Implementation.

Bonus #2: 12-Month Coaching Sessions

You will get access to our exclusive online monthly group meetings for certification program members. In these meetings, you will get all of your questions and concerns answered in real-time and additional coaching and mentoring to help you understand the training provided.

Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group

You don’t have to wait for the monthly meetings to get your questions answered. Go to our members-only private Facebook group and post your question. You’ll get the answers in 24 to 48 hours.

“Nobody can make this topic as approachable as Beth does.”


Beth’s advice is more practical and useful on a day-to-day basis. It’s as If you talk to a chef who gives you a recipe. Beth gives her input from her 25 years of experience in this field. She is asked by the attorneys to speak on this topic and uniquely qualified to talk on this subject. She weaves the subject with real-world stories you can relate to. Nobody can make this topic as approachable as Beth does.

Julie Chendes - Human Resource Consultant


Get Everything You Need To Master Managing Medical Leaves And Accommodations In California

  • 1 Year Access To California Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist Certification Course (valued at $2,899)
  • Be a certified Leave Management and Accommodation Specialist and be able to stop medical leave and accommodation abuse with utmost confidence and professionalism. (Priceless!)
  • 1 Year Access to LMS Membership & Mentorship (Valued at $3,199)
  • Attend the 2-day interactive livestream workshop  "In The Trenches"  where you will discover the exact solutions to your medical leave management challenges without getting confused with legal opinions (valued at $1,299)
  • 400+ Resources (forms, letters, checklists, flowcharts, etc) (valued at $1,999)
  • BONUS: 2 bonus lessons (valued at $1299)
  • BONUS:Earn up to 30 CEUs (Priceless)
  • BONUS: 12-Month Coaching Sessions (valued at $1999)
  • BONUS: Access To The Private LMS Community On Facebook  (Priceless!)

Total Value: $12,694


Available right now for only...


Approved 2020 Provider - LMS

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Becoming the master in FMLA and ADA management would enable you to easily know how to be compliant with the ever-changing regulations at all times, save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits, and lower down your daily stress handling FMLA and ADA tremendously!


I get that you don’t know me yet.

So, let do this:

Here is my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

If this system doesn't help you in any way with Managing Medical Leaves And Accommodations in California, just let me know, and we will quickly process the refund.

We are that confident in this system because even one nugget of advice will save you thousands of dollars. And that’s the reason why nobody has ever asked for a refund to date.

You don’t have to become certified today.

You have a year to do it and we are always an email or phone call away from you.

Get access to California Integrated Medical Leave And Accommodation Management System™ while it's still at this price and never stress about FMLA and ADA management again!

Beth De Lima - Leave Management Solutions

Beth De Lima, MBA,

About Beth

Beth is recognized as a national expert in FMLA/ADA HR compliance. For over 28 years, she has been helping companies implement FMLA/ADA regulations since they were originally passed in the early 90s. From fortune 5000 organizations and government agencies to mid-market companies and small businesses, she has helped implement these regulations in businesses of every shape and size. Beth De Lima has trained thousands of HR professionals in these complex regulations. She is a sought after subject matter expert providing expert testimony for litigations and lawsuits.

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