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The Ultimate Guide To California Medical Leaves And Accommodations Workshop

Discover the methodology for integrating medical leaves and accommodations efficiently and effectively implementing multiple state and federal regulations with your company policies, procedures, and union contracts.

 Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System

Master FMLA/CFRA, PDL, Workers’ Compensation, Baby Bonding, and ADA/FEHA medical leave and accommodation management AND strategies for handling related performance management and EEO harassment, discrimination and retaliation challenges.

  • Get practical tools to effectively navigate through the complex world of Federal and State Medical Leaves and Accommodation Laws
  • Drive HR processes instead of merely being reactive to each issue as it comes up
  • Stop putting out fires and start leading from the front to manage Medical Leaves And Accommodations

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Managing medical leaves and accommodations can be a source of endless frustration for HR professionals. According to FMLA Source analysis, at any given time, 10.7% of the U.S. workforce is on FMLA leave*. Which means one in every 10 employees is taking FMLA leave right now.

No wonder dealing with FMLA leave is becoming such a thorny issue.

Managing medical leaves and accommodations is a pain because the laws aren’t black and white. There are plenty of “If’s and but’s” in the FMLA and ADA regulations, making it a vast grey area.

For example, one of the FMLA laws on substance abuse says  “Substance abuse may qualify as a serious health condition if it meets certain criteria. “

Can you see how this statement is open for interpretation?

Another reason managing medical leaves and accommodations can be such an uphill task is each employee situation is unique. Which means you are dealing with a new problem every day.

Moreover, due to the sensitive nature of medical leave request, the need to respond in a timely manner and in a specific format is of paramount importance. And the amount of detail required to manage a single medical leave and accommodation request can be a compliance nightmare.

In the absence of clear-cut guidelines and streamlined processes, dealing with medical leaves is highly susceptible to errors, miscues, and mistakes.

One small mistake could lead to litigation and potentially a million-dollar lawsuit.

What’s The Cost of Mismanaged Medical Leaves And Accommodations?

According to United States Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, employers at fault paid a cumulative $2,120,300 in back wages in 2014 alone due to FMLA non- compliance**.

In 2019, the number will probably multiply.

And it's not just the number of lawsuits. Employers are experiencing an epidemic of FMLA claims, especially claims by employees who need intermittent FMLA leave.

If a claim becomes a lawsuit, there are fines, legal costs, and time away from work to deal with the allegations. It adversely affects the overall work environment and employment relationships. Plus, managers and supervisors may potentially be sued directly and held personally liable for paying damages.

According to EEOC statistics, the average cost of defending an FMLA lawsuit is $78,000. And if your employer is found guilty of wrongful termination, damages can range from $87,500 to $450,000^.

What’s more, lawsuits can be lengthy and time-consuming to resolve, and even if the employee loses, there are costs involved for legal defense. Plus, it is mentally taxing. You have to remember every word said for many years to come.

In My 27 Year Career, I’ve Been An Expert Witness In Hundreds Of FMLA Lawsuits

In a vast majority of cases, the failure can be traced down to the HR manager’s unfamiliarity with managing FMLA/ADA leaves.

In one of the lawsuits, the HR manager resigned because she was so incompetent.

The truth is, the HR manager or benefits administrator cannot be blamed for it entirely. The real culprit is the lack of knowledge and awareness in dealing with medial leaves and accommodations.

And I’ve got some great news for you. 

You won’t feel burdened or overwhelmed managing Medical Leaves And Accommodations anymore, because you are about to discover a methodology to deal with it effectively and efficiently.

 In this workshop, you’ll develop the competence to integrate medical leaves and accommodations with your company's policies, procedures, and union contracts. You’ll get step-by-step blueprints to respond to every situation in a timely manner without thinking “Am I doing the right thing?”

Founder of lMS beth De Lima

Beth Brascugli De Lima, president and principal of HRM Consulting, Inc and teh cofounder of Leave Management Solutions, LLC.  She is nationally certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources with a state-specific certification in California (SPHR-CA) and the Society for Human Resource Management as a SHRM-SCP, and was appointed to sit on the Employee Health, Safety, and Security Special Expertise Panel.  Ms. De Lima is a certified mediator through the UC Berkeley Extension program and was appointed to the Amador County Superior Court Mediation Panel. Ms. De Lima is an expert and HR Expert Witness in the HR aspects of employment regulation compliance, litigation, and vocational rehabilitation.

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Decode The Complex And Challenging California Medical
Leaves And Accommodations Regulations

California has the most generous and complex Leave and Accommodation regulations. The laws are very employee-centric and susceptible to high-level litigation. It is easy to find an attorney to sue an employer in California. You are dealing with an employee that may have multiple leaves applied simultaneously.

A California case highlights this point.

A California jury, finding that her former employer had violated the ADA, awarded a former
drug addiction counselor more than $4.5 million in damages^^. This happened because the
HR Manager was ignorant about how FMLA leaves transition to ADA.

Can you afford to remain ignorant?

When dealing with medical leave in California, you must consider both state and federal
laws such as -

  • California Family Rights Act (CFRA)
  • California Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL)
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)
  • California Workers' Compensation Laws
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The complex interplay between these laws can present many potential legal issues. It’s like entering a war-zone not knowing from which direction the bullet might hit you.

You can save yourself and your employer from such unknown ‘legal bullets’ by implementing California-specific guidelines taught in this workshop.

In this workshop, we go in-depth into unwinding the complex interplay between California laws and Federal laws and how they work concurrently.

Another important topic covered in this workshop is dealing with FMLA leave abuse.

Stop Blatant FMLA Leave Abuse

Some employees think of FMLA as a blank check to miss work whenever they want. Due to the sporadic and disruptive nature of these absences, managing intermittent leave is becoming a significant challenge.

In a widely reported case, an employee took her mother, who was terminally ill, to Las Vegas on a Make-A-Wish-type trip. After the employee was fired, she sued under the FMLA. The court held that she was providing care for her mother, just in another place(†).

A little foresight and proper documentation could have saved the employer from the lost FMLA lawsuit.

You can save your employer from FMLA abusers by implementing the right processes and tools taught in this workshop.

Deal With Performance Issues Confidently Without Crossing The Line

Poor-performing employees often abuse FMLA leave just before they are to be terminated.

The 911 call-center based in the city of Chicago is one such example.

Nearly 50 percent of the center’s call takers were on some leave of absence tied to the FMLA. The absenteeism and overtime cost the company $1 million each year(††).

Could anyone run a business when half of their workforce is on FMLA leave?

This answer is ‘NO.’

How do you deal with performance issues without crossing the line?

Fortunately, this workshop has the answers.

You will be able to take disciplinary action while staying compliant. You’ll gain the confidence to say “enough is enough, you’re fired.”

This Workshop Isn’t Some Theoretical Legal Talk

Unlike other training seminars, this workshop isn’t about some legal-speak on Medical Leave Management. You won’t get vague answers like “it depends.”

Instead, this workshop is an interactive dialogue where you will get concrete and specific answers to your day-to-day medical leave management problems.

You’ll walk away with solutions you can apply to your specific situation the VERY NEXT DAY.

All This Is Possible Because I Bring In 27+ Years Of Real-World HR Consulting And Training Experience

I am considered a subject matter expert in this area because I have been working with these laws since they passed. For the last 20 years, I have been providing expert testimony in countless FMLA cases. I am sought after by attorneys to provide an expert opinion in the court on such matters.

I have probably seen every potential issue that can occur in FMLA/ADA leave management inside and outside California. 

Because of my in-the-trenches experience, you’ll receive exact solutions to your medical leave management challenges without getting confused with legal opinions or court judgments.

Discover What You Don’t Know

Medical Leaves and Accommodations is probably the most misunderstood and ignored area in the HR world. Finally, you will be able to lift the curtain of ignorance and usher yourself into the community of a few smart HR professionals who truly understand this game.

Drawing from real-life scenarios, this workshop will end your confusion, uncover many areas of improvement and help you develop clarity on the procedures to stay compliant.

The methodology taught in this workshop will save you time and energy in dealing with complex day-to-day Medical Leave And Accommodation challenges.

You’ll discover that when you document the entire process consistently and meticulously, you can protect your organization from potential litigation should the need to terminate arise.

Highlights Of This Workshop

  • Opportunity to be coached by national recognized Medical Leaves and Accommodations compliance HR Expert Witness.
  • More than the “how and what to do” for Medical Leaves and Accommodations, discover the “when and what to do” in a clear, step-by-step process.
  • How to implement compliant FMLA/CFRA, ADA/FEHA, Pregnancy Disability and Workers’ Compensation programs, including California’s New Parent Leave.
  • Best practices for handling related performance management issues, and harassment, discrimination and retaliation challenges.
  • How to stop fraud and abuse of FMLA/CFRA (or ADA/FEHA) without getting sued.
  • Master Integrating and complying with the various medical leave and accommodation regulations, accurately and consistently, especially when two or more of them run concurrently.

Workshop Agenda At A Glance

Module 1: CFRA/FMLA, AHA/FEHA, Pregnancy Disabilities, PDL, Workers’ Compensation, and PFI/SDI: Overview

Learn a comprehensive bulletproof system for controlling and managing Medical Leaves and Accommodations in the workplace that has been well-tested over the last 27 years.

  • Learn the employee life cycle, from recruiting to, integrated policies, to transitioning from FMLA to ADA, and transitioning from pregnancy disabilities with PDL/FMLA (potential ADA/FEHA) to CFRA Baby bonding.
  • Discover the implications of ADA/ FEHA and FMLA/CFRA running concurrently with other medical leaves including Workers’ Compensation and your company policies.
  • Understand which leaves are paid, which require protection of benefits, which need medical certificates, and which can run concurrently as well as determining eligibility and when you can deny leave.
  • How to cure medical certificates.

Module 2: CFRA/FMLA, AHA/FEHA, Pregnancy Disabilities, PDL, Workers’ Compensation, And PFI/SDI: In-depth

In-depth focus on understanding implementation strategies and compliance requirements from real life HR Industry Standards and Best Practices.

  • How do we really implement this on the ground in HR?
  • How to control and manage Medical Absences under FMLA.
  • How to cure Medical Certificates for employees who are exceeding the leave eligibility designation and how to obtain second opinions.
  • Managing employees who are potentially committing fraud.
  • How to recognize when employees are not meeting performance standards before leaving or upon return from leave.
  • Discover the red flags and landmines to avoid!
  • How to overcome the challenges with Intermittent leaves and Integrated leave policy development.

Module 3: Best Practices For Implementing And Managing ADA And Coordinating FMLA With Workers’ Compensation

Learn a comprehensive, well-tested methodology for controlling and managing ADA medical absences and accommodations, even when they run concurrently with Workers’ Compensation and FMLA.

  • How to conduct Good Faith Interactive Meetings and Undue Hardship Analysis/Research.
  • How to develop and administer the Essential Functions Job Assessment – how, when and what to document, and how to inform the employee of the ongoing process.
  • Get access to little-known FREE resources for developing Essential Function Job descriptions and accommodation ideas and services.
  • Learn how to identify potential fraud and abuse and what you can do to stop it.

Module 4: Strategies For Implementing Your Performance Management System Under The ADA, FMLA, Pregnancy Disabilities And Workers’ Compensation And How To Respond To Harassment, Discrimination And Retaliation Complaints From Protected Employees:

  • Counselling forms, warnings and how and when to implement and/or terminate even when someone is on FMLA or protected under ADA.
  • Learn effective complaint strategies, tips, best practices and HR Standards of Care on how to impose your companies’ performance management system for employees who have accommodations or protected leave and are not meeting the expectations of the job, or are unable to meet the performance standards with their accommodations.
  • Understand how to manage complaints and conduct investigations when an employee on protected ADA, FMLA or PDL or other protective leave complains of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

Module 5: Controlling Medical Absences and Accommodations in the Workplace

Overview of the Integrated Leave Management Solution System for Managing and Controlling Medical Absences and Accommodations in the Workplace using HR Industry Standards and Best Practices to Save Money and Reduce Your Stress.

Don’t Take Our Word For It; Here Is What Our Clients Say


“Nobody can make this topic as approachable as Beth does.”

Beth’s advice is more practical and useful on a day-to-day basis. It’s as If you talk to a chef who gives you a recipe. Beth gives her input from her 25 years of experience in this field. She is asked by the attorneys to speak on this topic and uniquely qualified to talk on this subject. She weaves the subject with real-world stories you can relate to. Nobody can make this topic as approachable as Beth does.

Julie Chendes Human Resource Consultant


“Beth's approach is easy to understand, comprehensive, and enlightening.”

Anyone who needs to administer leaves of absence for their company should attend this workshop. Beth's approach is easy to understand, comprehensive, and enlightening. Participants indeed obtain everything they need to administer leave of absence policies and procedures to staff after attending this workshop. Furthermore, Beth offers one-on-one guidance following participation in the seminar through her website, discussion groups, and posts. She is extremely knowledgeable, and this information is an extremely critical part of the human resources function.

Jill Wilk Human Resource Consultant


“She was not only able to assist us with avoiding a discrimination lawsuit; she was able to do so with great efficiency and professionalism.”

Ms. De Lima exceeded all of my expectations for our debacle. She was not only able to
assist us with avoiding a discrimination lawsuit; she was able to do so with great efficiency and professionalism. In less than two weeks from our initial contact, we were able to have our issue resolved satisfactorily for both parties. The process was quiet, quick and smooth. Ms. De Lima was a delight to work with – extremely professional, bright and to the point. If we were to encounter another similar type of situation, she would be my first call.

Mason Overstreet Prior Conservation Director, Friends of West Shore


“Incredibly valuable and immediately applicable.”

WOW! This was such a good seminar on leave management. Incredibly valuable and
immediately applicable. [Beth] intensively dives into FMLA/ADA process step by step, very useful.

Scott Kavanagh HR Associate, Cumulus Networks

Medical Leave And Accommodation Management Professionals Are In High Demand, And You Have Arrived At The Best Place To Be One

Do you know how it is hard to find a top Medical Leave and Accommodation Management consultant?

You can be your organization’s Medical Leave and Accommodation Management professional allowing you to take preventative measures instead of always having to put fires out.

You can be someone who can train your team and supervisors on the best practices and help stop FMLA abuse.

Since these skills are highly sought after, you can command higher pay and first- class status in your organization.

Credit Information

Leave Management Solutions is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM‑CP or SHRM‑SCP. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the SHRM Certification website at www.shrm.org/certification.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the invaluable knowledge and methodologies taught in this workshop by noon on the first day, just ask and we’ll promptly process the refund. We are that confident in this training because even one nugget of advice during these two days will save you thousands of dollars. And that’s the reason why nobody has ever asked for a refund to date.

Due to high demand for this workshop, our seats sell out quickly. And because of the intensive one-on-one guidance involved, we cannot accommodate more than 25 participants per workshop. 

So, if you are serious about taking preventative measures and avoiding the costly penalties of non-compliance, don’t wait for another minute and register today.

Remember, time is of the essence when dealing with Medical Leaves and Accommodations.

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How To Manage Medical Leaves And Accommodations Consistently And Confidently Without Worrying About Getting Sued

  • 2-day Workshop, 9 AM to - 4:30 PM, both days
  • Continental Breakfast included
  • Registration From 8:30-9:00 AM
  • The Workshop starts at 9 AM
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Date: August 8 - 9, 2019
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