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The Genesis of This Course

The story behind the California Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist Certification Program and why it came into existence... 

How it all started…

Since my early years, I have been travelling the length and breadth of the country, training HR professionals in these complex regulations. After 28 years and training thousands of HR folks, I noticed a strange pattern. During the session breaks, attendees often asked nearly the same kind of questions. 

Even after having all this incredible information, something was missing 

HR pros were still struggling to implement Medical Leaves and Accommodation in their organization effectively. It was crystal clear that information alone wasn’t sufficient. They needed something much more than information.

The need of the hour was a System...

A system that is  easy to follow.

A system that is practical and devoid of legalese. 

system that is built upon the foundation of HR standards of care. 

system that encapsulates both Federal and California specific regulations.

It was something on the lines of - “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

In other words, instead of troubleshooting and solving the challenges of HR professionals, why not give them a system they can use to solve their problems themselves? 

The answer came in the form of the Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management SystemTM

Announcing: California Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist Certification Course

A comprehensive, deep dive training with strategies and procedures on how to manage and integrate medical leaves and accommodations in California from one of America's leading FMLA/ADA HR Compliance Specialist and Expert Witness.

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Course Benefits

Stop Abuse and Fraud

Medical leave and accommodation abuse and fraud pose the greatest threat to productivity in organizations big or small. Being a certified Integrated Medical Leave Management and Accommodation Specialist™, you will be able to stop abuse and fraud with confidence.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Mistakes in managing medical leaves and accommodations can result in litigation, fines & penalties,  as well as legal and medical cost ramifications. You can potentially save thousands of dollars in unwanted costs and mental/emotional suffering with our training.

Mitigate Risk of Lawsuit

Mitigate the risk of litigation or a lawsuit: You will not only mitigate the risk of litigation, but you will also contribute towards increasing the productivity and overall morale of the workforce.

Industry Recognized Certification

You are eligible to earn CEU's (SHRM,HRIC,etc.) after you complete each training module. Plus, the certification will make a difference to establish you as knowledgeable and capable to perform these job functions. 

What's inside the course?

Over 18 hours of on-demand video across three in-depth training modules.


Package 1: Designation: FMLA/CFRA & ADA/FEHA & the Transitions from FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA

Overcome the challenges in designating FMLA/CFRA leaves and ADA/FEHA accommodations in California and build a solid foundation of your Integrated Leave and Accommodations Management System™. In this package, you will learn about the eligibility and designation process, how to transition from FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA, and how to designate ADA/FEHA.

The FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA transition is one of the most complex areas of medical leave accommodation management, specifically in the state of California. And they are most susceptible to litigation or a lawsuit. In this package, you will understand the complexities and the best practices to properly transition from FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA. 

Module 1. FMLA/CFRA Designation (CA) - 4 hrs.

Module 2. FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA Transition (CA) - 1.5 hrs.

Module 3. ADA/FEHA Designation (CA) - 2 hrs.


Package 2: Advanced ADA/FEHA: Essential Functions Job Descriptions, Good Faith Interactive Meeting, Undue Hardship Analysis, & Qualified Individual with a Disability Determination

You will learn the nuances of creating the essential function job description, conducting Good Faith Interactive Meetings, performing ADA/FEHA Accommodation Research, and conducting Undue Hardship Analysis. This comprehensive training package provides you all the information you need to effectively and efficiently, manage all FMLA, ADA/FEHA accommodation request in your workplace including addressing undue hardship and unreasonable accommodation request. 

Module 4. Essential Function Job Description Development (CA) - 1.5 hrs.

Module 5. Conducting Good Faith Interactive Meetings (CA) - 2.5 hrs.

Module 6. ADA/FEHA Accommodation Research (CA) - 1 hr.

Module 7. Completing an Undue Hardship Analysis (CA)  - 1.5 hr.


Package 3: FMLA/CFRA & ADA/FEHA Denial & Next Steps

How do you properly determine and deny designation for non-qualifying FMLA/CFRA or ADA/FEHA requests? Failing to follow the process could result in employees filing a claim. If you are denying FMLA/CFRA or ADA/FEHA, you will learn the process and strategies to ensure you are compliant with both California state and federal regulations. When you follow the recommended procedures, you will feel confident that you have met all of your responsibilities.

Module 8. ADA/FEHA Denial & Next Steps (CA) - 1 hr.

Module 9. FMLA/CFRA Denial & Next Steps (CA) - 1.5 hr.

Module 10. Work Comp FMLA/CFRA- ADA/FEHA w-Workers Comp Denial - 1 hr.


Plus, We've Included These Incredible Bonuses 

You are not alone in this journey. You'll get direct access to me through monthly coaching sessions and private Facebook group exclusively for certification course members. 

Bonus 1
12-Month Coaching Sessions 

You will get access to our exclusive monthly group meetings for certification program students. In these meetings, you will get all of your questions and concerns answered in real-time and additional coaching and mentoring to help you master the training provided.

Bonus 2
Private Facebook Group

You don’t have to wait for the monthly meetings to get your questions answered. Go to our members-only private Facebook group and post your question. You’ll get your answer in 24 to 48 hours.

About The Course ​Instructor,
Beth De Lima

Beth De Lima, MBA, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP is recognized as a national expert in FMLA/ADA HR compliance. For over 28 years, she has been helping companies implement FMLA/ADA regulations since they were originally passed in the early 90s’. From Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies to mid-market companies and small businesses, she has helped implement these regulations in businesses of every shape and size. Beth De Lima has trained thousands of HR professionals in these complex regulations. She is a sought after consultant, trainer, and expert witness.

She is ready to help you through the journey in a simple and HR-friendly way. 

Beth De Lima - Leave Management Solutions
Beth De Lima - Leave Management Solutions


What People are Saying...

Check out these testimonials from our clients who have attended my workshops and training seminars

Beth's wealth of knowledge is absolutely amazing

I attended one of Beth's NorCal SHRM workshops at Filoli last year and knew that I need this training. Beth's wealth of knowledge is absolutely amazing and sharing real live examples was very helpful. It was a great high level overview and it was clear that I need to spend some time reading through the different laws. I think it will be helpful to tackle each law separately to fully understand it. For someone relatively new to leave management it went almost too fast. [This was a] High level overview of the different leave laws, how they interact with each other and individual company policies along with the role they play in the employee management cycle.

HR and Office Manager

PH Pharma Inc.

Materials presented were clear and direct

Very thankful for the virtual environment; the presentations were focused (even though a great deal of information was covered); materials were clear and direct. That it was virtual; materials provided were top notch and can serve as a reference. Well worth my time.

Administrative Services Manager

Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority

This is the best training I have attended

Seeking more knowledge on FMLA/CFRA and how they interact with other types of leaves. It was engaging, and never boring or tiresome. Because it was done via ZOOM I thought it would be really difficult to stay focused, but it wasn't. Firstly, the ability to ask questions anytime, and not feel like Beth was thinking, "This isn't really relevant to what I am trying to convey." I thought it was really helpful to have to overview of everything on the first day, and then more detail on the second day. It helped the information become more familiar, and "stick" a little better. This is the best training I have attended. Beth is so knowledgeable and engaging. Beth and Lee make a great team, and provide everything you need to feel you got what you came there for.

Payroll Manager

SEIU Local 521

How Will this Course Help You Everyday at Work?

Imagine for a moment that you have completed your certification. Here is how it is going to help you every day at work. 

  • When somebody walks into your office, you're comfortable and confident. 
  • You know how to respond. 
  • You know how to get them the benefits they need. 
  • You know how to make sure the employee understands the expectations they need to comply with to obtain those benefits and keep them.

Ultimately, you are going to be able to sleep at night peacefully. You will be less stressed and more confident in managing an Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™ in your organization.

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