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The ADA Accommodation Compliance Blueprint: 

                    You can Master the HR Aspects of the ADA (& FEHA, the CA ADA) from the comfort of your home or office & be certified!

Here's a short overview about the course:

  • 100% on-demand modules so you can study at your own pace from your home or office
  • 6 live monthly online Q&A/Coaching sessions so you get  ALL your questions answered
  • Earn up to 15.5 CEUs from SHRM and HRCI
  • Successfully pass the online tests and be certified!

Most costly lawsuits in Medical Leaves and Accommodations happen when the ADA (or FEHA in California) is not managed properly.      

My HR career started back in the early 90s, just before the FMLA and ADA were enacted, so I understand your frustration and stress.  I was in the same place before I had to dig into and really master Medical Leaves and Accommodations.  This propelled me down the very rewarding path of being a successful and in-demand Human Resource Expert Witness.

You know how hard it is to confidently comply with the ADA (or FEHA, the California version of the ADA) when you are super busy with other parts of your HR job.  Believe me, I've been there. Not as part of a Corporate HR team—maybe worse—as an HR Consultant with many different clients all counting on me to help them navigate the uncharted waters of Medical Leaves & Accommodations.  

In the early days of the FMLA and ADA there were no tools or trainings to help HR Pros deal with Medical Leaves and Accommodations.  It didn't matter if you were part of an HR team working for a company or an HR Consultant, like I was, because the ADA was so new, nothing was available to help us.

No expensive software.

Definitely no Lawyers pitching their Medical Leave or Accommodation trainings.

No training from anyone.

Maybe I could jump on my Smartphone to access the Internet and just figure it out?  Not a chance—Apple™ didn't start selling the iPhone until 2007, more than a decade after the ADA was enacted!

And the Internet wasn't even a remotely effective tool until many years after the ADA was enacted.  Remember, this is all pre-Google!

I had no choice.  I had to read AND understand the regulations so I could design, create, and implement an effective and easy-to-use ADA compliance system for my clients.  I had to do the same thing with the FMLA, but that is a story for another time!  

After reading, and reading, and reading some more, I began to understand the ADA regulation and its many nuances.  I started to see exactly what I needed to do to create an easy-to-use system that my clients could implement to optimally manage ADA and just use me for the tougher cases.

A few years later, I started getting calls from Lawyers asking if I was an Expert in the ADA, and if I could testify as an HR Expert Witness in a case.  Of course, I said "Yes!" which is how my super busy career as an HR Expert Witness began.

As a result of my HR Expert Witness business, I started to see exactly what got firms into costly lawsuits, and, more importantly, exactly what was needed to prevent those lawsuits.  Naturally, I incorporated these insights into my Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System™ that I use to manage my clients' Medical Leave and Accommodation cases.  I also added these insights to my live workshops and online trainings that covered Medical Leaves and Accommodations, including our Certification Courses, such as our on-demand ADA Certification Training.

You might think that most of my HR Expert Witness work is working with a lawyer representing the Defense or the Plaintiff in cases involving small firms with very limited HR resources.  However, most of my cases involve large companies in various industries.  Even super successful, super-profitable companies like Google—with a virtual army of HR Pro's on the payroll—still manage to mess up and get slapped with a lawsuit they can't win.  

Fast forward to late 2019 and I decided it was time I made my trial-by-fire HR education in Medical Leaves and Accommodations pay off; not only for the limited number of HR Pros I could teach live, but for as many HR Pros as possible.  In small companies.  In medium sized companies.  Heck, maybe even some folks in Google's HR department!   

It took way longer to create, and way more money than I expected, but I created exactly what HR professionals need to Master the HR aspects of the ADA without the struggle I experienced.  And, you earn a rock-solid Certification after passing the exams.

Even if you are an HR department of one, have limited time and have an even more limited budget, you need (and can afford) this ADA Certification training!

Here’s How You Get Started When You Sign Up

Shortly after you sign up for the course, you will get an email.  Check your spam folder if you don't get it within 30 minutes.  It has your login details.  You can get started once you open this email.  This starts your journey to ADA or FEHA Mastery with us.

You Will Gain Rock-Solid Confidence

Let my 30 years of experience guide you on your path to ADA mastery.  Know exactly how to handle various ADA situations and how to correctly document your work.   

Learn how to correctly do all of the following:

  • Create Essential Function Job Descriptions
  • Conduct a Good Faith Interactive Meeting
  • Complete an Undue Hardship Analysis
  • ADA (or FEHA) Accommodation Research
  • ADA (or FEHA) Designation
  • ADA (or FEHA) Denial 

You Will Lose the Stress!  

Stress rears its ugly head when you are unprepared or poorly trained.   Kick stress to the curb by being well-prepared and properly trained by the most experienced HR Pro in Medical Leaves and Accommodations in the US.  

Let our 30 years of real-world HR experience in designing, implementing and managing Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management solutions for my clients help you learn fast, easy, and effectively!   We have trained thousands of HR pros; let us train you, too!

Have a Coach & Mentor 

This training is the best in the business and worth every penny. As an added bonus, you get once-a-month access to our medical leave and accommodation Pro at zero extra cost for 6 monthly training and Q/A sessions, so you can ask your questions to clarify any aspect of the training.  

You can even ask how to handle a current ADA case you are working on, because incorporating your real-world questions with 100% actionable, HR-friendly answers helps you and all other students learn faster and better.

You will also earn 1 self-reported CEU per session.

Improve Your Resume - Be Certified!

Gain the satisfaction to be able to tell your boss, "I got this" and feel excellent because you know you absolutely do!

Still not sure this Certification Course is for you? Perhaps you manage a lot of existing ADA cases and get new ones added frequently, so once a month Q&A / Coaching / Training sessions might not meet your needs? Ask about our twice-a-month meetings, either on an a la carte basis or as a very affordable twice a month subscription, paid annually so your training is deepened every month, even after you complete your last quiz.  

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The use of this official seal confirms that this Activity has met HR Certification Institute’s® (HRCI®) criteria for recertification credit pre-approval.

Your Course has 6 Modules that cover everything from ADA or FEHA Designation to ADA or FEHA Denial and ALL the other Critical Elements You Need.  (See below for more details!)



Essential Function Job Description

This module teaches you how to complete an Essential Function Job Description

  • Learn the key steps to completing an Essential Function Job Description.
  • Learn about ZERO cost tools that make the process much simpler, faster, and FAR easier for you.
  • Learn to be clear about what you want to include in the Essential Function Job Description and understand what those specific parts of an Essential Function Job Description are.
  • Perform an Essential Function Job Analysis and the importance of a valid, useful, and objective Essential Function Job Description.
  • Learn how Essential Function Job Description relates to a professional HR response for and about ADA accommodations in your workplace so the medical provider can effectively understand the Physical and Mental requirements regarding how the job functions are normally performed.
  • Development and amendment of an Essential Function Job Description for you specifically with ADA accommodations and related medical leaves and state and federal regulations.
  • Assistance in Developing Essential Function Job Descriptions like valuable free resources to assist you in developing Essential Function Job Descriptions.
  • Specific strategies now for confirming the integrity of the Physical and Mental Job Function requirements for performing the Essential Functions of the job.
  • Potentially modify when you are working with an employee during that Good Faith Interactive Meeting process.
  • About 1.5 hours of on-demand video training with a one-year access, available online 24/7.
  • 1.5 CEUs. 
  • Get Q & A, Quizzes, and Guides.


Good Faith Interactive Meetings

This module teaches you how to conduct a Good Faith Interactive Meeting

  • Learn the key steps to completing a Good Faith Interactive Meeting.
  • Learn proven methodologies and the critical documentation process that can prevent most lawsuits you can't win.   
  • Discover the two most important reasons why you need to conduct the Good Faith Interactive Meeting process.
  • Determine how the employee's disability impacts their ability to perform the Essential Functions of the Job at a Meets Expectations level.
  • The best practices for conducting a Good Faith Interactive Meeting and the issues you need to be aware of.
  • Determine whether you and the employee can identify a manner that is a reasonable accommodation that would allow them to perform those Essential Functions at a Meets Expectation Level without an Undue Hardship.
  • Learn about the state-specific requirements for engaging in the Good Faith Interactive Meeting in California under both CFRA and FEHA regulations.
  • Approve or deny the request and additionally clarify how to deal with an employee who needs accommodation.
  • Learn strategies for obtaining the objective medical data to confirm how employees' disability impacts their ability to perform what the Essential Functions of the Job are at a Meets Expectation level.
  • Learn what to do if the medical information the employee provided is not accurate or if they simply didn't show up for the Good Faith Interactive Meeting.
  • Know the procedures for managing Workers' Comp and light-duty under ADA and how to modify duties under the ADA.
  • Access specific resources meant to help you understand how the Good Faith Interactive Meeting process is impacted by your discussion with the employee and how you identify accommodation.
  • Determine if accommodation is approved or not approved and whether you must do an Undue Hardship Analysis.
  • Manage the Qualified Individual with a Disability status and what does or does not happen with or without Workers' Comp.
  • About 2 hours of on-demand video training with a one-year access, available online 24/7.
  • Get 2-months of Q&A sessions self-assessment quiz Companion guide.


Completing an Undue Hardship Analysis

This module teaches you how to complete an Undue Hardship Analysis

  • Learn the key steps to Completing an Undue Hardship Analysis.
  • Learn proven methodologies and the critical documentation process that can prevent most lawsuits you can't win.  
  • Know the factors you need to consider when conducting an Undue Hardship Analysis of potential accommodation. 
  • What to do when you confirm an accommodation to verify that the employee is a Qualified Individual with a Disability?
  • Objectively research and document all your efforts.
  • Three critical factors that justify an Undue Hardship on your organization.
  • Master the big difference between an employee who is not a Qualified Individual with a Disability, and an employee who is not able to work with their accommodation because it's an Undue Hardship.
  • Understand and objectively document the Undue Hardship Analysis process.
  • Learn why an accommodation identified as Undue Hardship doesn’t mean the end of the Good Faith Interactive Process and what to do next.
  • About 1.5 hours of on-demand video training with a one-year access, available online 24/7.
  • 1.5 CEUs.
  • 1 Q&A session, self-assessment quiz and a Companion guide.


ADA (and/or FEHA) Accommodation Research

This module teaches you how to complete ADA (and/or FEHA) Accommodation Research

  • Learn the key steps to complete ADA (and/or FEHA) Accommodation Research.
  • Learn proven methodologies and the critical documentation process that can prevent most lawsuits you can't win.
  • Learn how to create a solid standard operating procedure for responding to employees and applicants who provide enough information to an HR manager or a supervisor, so they know of the need for a potential accommodation.
  • Know what is and is not a potential reasonable accommodation under ADA.
  • Determine if the accommodation identified is ‘reasonable’ or not.
  • Factors for evaluating what potential reasonable accommodations are, and how to reasonably accommodate Qualified Individuals.
  • Understand the process for confirming disability, identifying accommodations, and confirming the employee's a Qualified Individual with a Disability.
  • About 1 hour of on-demand video training with a one-year access, available online 24/7.
  • 1.0 CEUs.
  • 1 Q&A sessions Assessment quiz Companion guide.


ADA (and/or FEHA) Designation

This module teaches you how to Designate ADA (and/or FEHA)

  • Learn the key steps to correctly Designate ADA (and/or FEHA).
  • Learn to identify who is eligible under both the state and federal regulations, and the definitions of disability and what exactly is a Qualified Individual with a Disability.
  • Discover the SIX stages of the ADA Designation and Interactive Process.
  • Understand when the need for a potential accommodation has been identified.
  • Learn the process for requesting clarification regarding how the disability impacts the ability to perform the Essential Functions of the Job, and questions about the type of accommodation that is requested.
  • Learn why each stage is critical to determine if the employee is disabled, needs an accommodation, and is a Qualified Individual with a Disability.
  • Know how to respond if additional information is needed and how to cure under the ADA as well as implementing the accommodation.
  • How do you follow up with the accommodation once it's been implemented?
  • Specific strategies for following up and verifying whether the employee really is a Qualified Individual with a Disability for the accommodation and the performance requirements.
  • Specifically address noncompliance of accommodation guidelines.
  • Become aware of the issues regarding the ADA/FEHA Good Faith Interactive Meeting process.
  • Conditionally designate ADA/FEHA pending a Qualified Individual with Disability determination from an HR industry standards perspective in compliance with both state and federal regulations.
  • The process of obtaining objective medical data to confirm how the employee's disability impacts their ability to perform the Essential Functions of the Job.
  • Learn the process for obtaining ongoing medical certification and what to do if it's not provided.
  • Deal with intermittent and reduced schedule leave under ADA.
  • Manage Workers' Comp and ADA.
  • Learn what do you do with light duty and modified duty notifications.
  • Learn specific strategies for managing accommodations in your workplace including medical leave as an accommodation in compliance with HR industry standards of care.
  • About 1.5 hours of on-demand video training, one year  access. Available online 24/7.
  • 2.0 CEUs.
  • Assessment quiz, Companion guide.


ADA (and/or FEHA) Denial

This module teaches you how to correctly handle the Denial of ADA (and/or FEHA)

  • Learn the key steps to properly handle a Denial of ADA (and/or FEHA).
  • Learn how to deny an accommodation under the ADA. 
  • Understand why you need to make a decision regarding accommodation on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Recognize when you should not deny ADA/FEHA.
  • How to deny an accommodation if it is determined that the requested accommodation will cause an Undue Hardship or if they're not a Qualified Individual with a Disability. 
  • How to address the Good Faith Interactive Meeting process and its role in the denial process.
  • How to ensure you are compliant with both state and federal regulations if you are denying ADA/FEHA.
  • How to create a standard operating procedure for Eligibility and Denial Notices, and what to do next.
  • How to confirm the employee has a disability, if you can call doctors, and what to do if that employee does not provide the medical certification you're requesting.
  • How you respond to the employee's accommodation requests versus the one that your organization may have identified, and whether you have to provide the accommodation the employee requested.
  • Learn about the compliance due dates for notices and how to avoid retaliation charges.
  • How to respond if the employee is not providing the information you need before the denial and learn about the dual notification strategy.
  • Clarify the information you will want to provide the employee in the Denial Notice regarding how they could obtain benefits in the future, or if you have company policies and procedures that might protect them outside of the ADA.
  • What to do when an employee does not meet that eligibility requirement for ADA/FEHA including how and when to terminate, and Workers' Compensation.
  • How to address the denial and the transition if you deny FMLA/CFRA and need to address it under ADA.
  • How to apply your standard operating procedure so you can determine whether the employee is a Qualified Individual with a Disability.
  • The very important step of making sure you have correctly managed the assessment process, the Undue Hardship Analysis process, and the Qualified Individual with a Disability process to avoid litigation.
  • What you need to do before denying so you are not violating state regulations.
  • How to address this issue as it relates to performance management.
  • What to do if the employee does not act in good faith.
  • About 1.5 hours of on-demand video training, one year access, available online 24/7.
  • 1.0 CEUs.
  • 1 Q&A session, Assessment quiz, Companion guide.

Check out these bonuses designed to save you time, reduce workplace stress and make your HR life easier!

Bonus 1
Designing An Integrated Medical Leave & Accommodation Management System

As a result of more than 30 years of experience as an HR Consultant, Trainer, and HR Expert Witness, I've seen every error that your non-HR Managers and HR team can make, leading to a lawsuit you can't win.  Inadequate training both of HR and non-HR managers, unclear procedures, or a system that unfortunately allows inconsistent application of company procedures, are some of the more common errors that we see frequently.  

This module focuses on a different common error: poor communication among team members responsible for ADA issues vs. Leave issues vs. Worker's Comp issues.  Ideally, all your documents should be "integrated", so if you have a complex case that has an overlap between FMLA/CFRA, Pregnancy Disability/PDL, ADA/FEHA & Work Comp or other regulations, you manage them as a combined case with integrated compliance forms.

Team communication is imperative, and this module helps to clarify why, and even how to make it happen.  If you have a Third-Party Administrator for Leaves, ensuring you have optimal communication and integration might be even more important.  This bonus earns you another 1.0 CEUs from SHRM or HRCI.

Bonus 2
Online Students' Facebook Group

You can ask questions to the group or direct your questions and comments our way, so you gain clarity on any issue.  Sometimes, your questions might require a longer, more detailed and, perhaps a more interactive reply.  If so, we will let you know that your question's answer is complex enough to best be handled in a live setting, like our monthly Q&A / Coaching sessions or in a one-on-one consulting session.

Bonus 3
For a limited time, you get 12 full months, not just 6 months, of once monthly Q&A / Training Sessions, so your Q&A / Training opportunities are maximized!

Have you ever taken a training, and weeks, or even months after it ends, you start running into scenarios that you wish you could ask the trainer a few questions to clarify such unique issues.  NOT with us!  Our once monthly online Q&A / Training sessions will ensure that all your questions get answered.  And not just for a month or two, or even six months, but for a full 12 months!  

About Your Course Instructor, Ms. Beth De Lima

Ms. De Lima is the founder & principal of HRM Consulting, Inc. and Leave Management Solutions, LLC.  She has provided Human Resources Consulting and Training services, as well as Vocational Rehabilitation Consulting, and Expert Witness services.  She has assisted HR professionals with compliance and implementation issues for managing and integrating ADA/FEHA, Workers’ Compensation, Pregnancy Disabilities/PDL, FMLA/CFRA and Workers' Compensation since 1993—almost three decades!  

Ms. De Lima has extensive expert witness experience regarding Discrimination, Harassment, and Wrongful Termination as well as providing Vocational Rehabilitation Expert Witness opinions for Divorce, Personal Injury, and Wrongful Termination cases for well over two decades.  She frequently speaks or presents workshops at SHRM chapters and other professional organizations around the country. 


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Gorman Learning Center

HR Specialist 

All HR Professionals Need to Take This!

Beth is very knowledgeable! She is an engaging speaker and keeps the seminar flowing. All HR professionals need to take this seminar.


HR Manager

Resource to Work Through Complicated Medical Leave Cases

As the HR Manager of our company, I have been happy to have Ms. De Lima as a resource while we work through our complicated Medical Leave Management cases. Ms. De Lima helped us work through a complex PDL, FMLA/CFRA, ADA/FEHA case with several performance management issues and threats of retaliation. She is a great resource for coordinating complicated medical leaves in California.

MTeam Group of Companies,

HR Manager

Your Brain will Swim With Knowledge!

My brain is just swimming with knowledge. I’ve learned so much, but also realize the importance of applying the knowledge accuracy and setting up an integrated system approach moving forward.

Why This Course Is So Beneficial for You

  • You will get excellent training and gain mountains of confidence.
  • Monthly live, Q&A / Training sessions to get all your questions answered, even months after you complete the on-demand training and get certified.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Improve your Resume—Get Certified.
  •  See how to save your company money, improve morale, and stop or prevent abuse.
  • Learn how to be seen as a valuable HR partner to your operations departments, not just a "necessary evil."
  • Gain a super valuable resource and see how we will help you destroy your stress around properly complying with the ADA, FEHA, or California ADA.  (For example, as part of the training, we teach you the exact same 3-step workflow we created and use to manage our clients' toughest Medical Leave and Accommodation cases.  It is Real-World HR Battle-Tested and will make the process 1 - 2 - 3 clear and consistent for you. 
  • Not just a bunch of facts—good Attorneys do that—we focus on training you on the key effective implementation, control, and compliance strategies that HR Pros need to control, not just comply with, the ADA, FEHA, or California ADA.  (Complete the form at the top of this page and you will get a "cheat sheet" of facts and a simple PDF that shows which Medical Leaves and Accommodations interact or overlap.  Yes, we teach you the facts you need, but also go way beyond that!)     

You Are Fully Protected by Our Iron Clad Triple Guarantee!

First, within 30 days of your purchase, for any reason or no reason, even if you have not even logged into the training, email us and ask for a no questions asked refund.   We request you do so before completing the second module, since this gives you more than enough time to decide if this course is a good fit for you.

Second, within 60 days of your purchase, complete the first module, and if you decide you do not want the benefit of being certified in the HR aspects of the ADA or FEHA we want you to email us to request a no questions asked refund, but please do so before you start any other module.

Third, our boldest guarantee that nobody else can offer is that during the first 2 years after your purchase, if your company (that paid for the training) is faced with a Medical Leave or Accommodation lawsuit, we will provide Expert Witness services at a 50% discount through our Sister organization, - HRM Consulting, Inc.  This is a potential savings of $4,000 to $15,000!  Are we crazy?  No!  You see, not a single consulting client (or student) of ours, who followed our training and proven workflow, has been sued for Wrongful Termination under the ADA or FEHA.  Confident?  Yes!  Crazy?  You decide!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to Medical Leaves and Accommodations. Is this course designed for experienced HR Pros?

Of course it’s designed to help experienced HR Pros, but even if you are new to Medical Leaves and Accommodations it will help you.  In fact, if might even be easier if you are new since you don’t have any bad habits to unlearn.

I have 5, 10 or more years of experience in Medical Leaves and Accommodations. Will this course be too basic for me?

Absolutely not!  We don’t just teach you facts and theory.  We also teach you an integrated approach with a focus on how you Implement, Manage, and Control your ADA cases, including when you also must deal with the employee’s performance evaluation or claims of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation.

This course looks really interesting. How can I be sure it is a good fit for me?

First, sign up to get our 2-page cheat sheet and overview.

Second, review the testimonials to see if you can get a feel for the instructor’s style and passion about training.

Third, review the section on “Why This Course is So Beneficial for You”.

Finally, review our Iron Clad Triple Guarantee so you see all the risk is on us!

What are some benefits of your course that I might not know about?

Check out the 3rd bonus, which doubles the number of monthly online Q&A / Training Sessions for a limited time.

Review the section on “Why This Course is So Beneficial for You”.

Beth's Personal Note

I have designed and perfected this ADA Compliance Blueprint package over the last 10 years. I truly believe these on-demand trainings are just the thing you need to help you navigate the complexities of the ADA.  My hope is that you will purchase a course or two and you will be truly satisfied with what you will have learned!


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