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Internal HR Investigation Training

A 100% online fast and effective six-step Internal HR Investigation certification course that includes:

One video training, one quiz and the nine (9) copyrighted forms, checklists, questionnaires, letters and outlines you need to complete Internal HR Investigations quickly and easily.
Your premium, hand-signed certificate – Certified Internal HR Investigator – to be Fed Exed to you upon completion of the course and quiz.

Call 1-866-838-7188 now to see if this online class (or the optional advanced certification course, with 6 one-on-one online/telephone mentoring sessions to walk you through each of the six steps in more detail and answer any questions you might have) is a good fit for you. $647 for 1 student, $849 for 2 students, $999 for 3 students and $1099 for 4 students from the same or different company. Call 209-728-8905 to get your multi-student discount codes.

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